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Left Behind Official Trailer #1 (2014) – Nicolas Cage Movie HD

LEFT BEHIND follows Rayford Steele (Nicolas Cage) who is piloting a commercial airliner just hours after the Rapture when millions of people around the globe simply vanish. Thirty thousand feet over the Atlantic, Rayford is faced with a damaged plane, terrified passengers, and a desperate desire to get back to his family. On the ground, his daughter, Chloe Steele (Cassi Thomson) is among those left behind, forced to navigate a world of madness as she searches for her lost mother and brother.

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  1. whether people criticize this film either believers and non believers, there's a message here that shows how life will be like, this film is never showen in bad light at all and I feel it's misunderstood by so many believers and un believers we have the Bible that can answer all our questions and doubts… and there's the Book Series of Left Behind that can help flesh out everything if you enjoyed the older films and this one as well…

    let's not bash the film, the important is the message that this film is showing and again if it sparks your curiosity go read the Bible for answers and let The Holy Spirit Guide you in understanding, me as a christian I enjoyed the films cause of how it is presented and that intrigued me to truelly find more of the story to enjoy in the Books Series so be humble and show compassion we should promote love and positivity that's what God intended for us… God Bless

  2. Amen 🙏 Jesus Christ is coming soon 🔜
    Amen 🙏 I’m a Christian ✝️✝️✝️✝️✝️✝️✝️✝️✝️✝️✝️✝️✝️✝️✝️✝️✝️✝️✝️✝️✝️✝️✝️✝️✝️✝️✝️✝️✝️✝️✝️✝️✝️ Dude Soo god bless your family and friends amen 🙏 see I’m a Christian dude heaven and hell are very real ok 👌🏾 people from all over the world 🌎
    Amen 🙏 Jesus Christ is coming soon 🔜 amen 🙏 see. You in heaven when the rapture happens ok Dude Soo god bless your family and friends amen 🙏

  3. You can make fun of this movie all you want, but everyone needs to know this. This will happen. I have no idea when. I am in my mid-thirties as I write this, and it could very well happen during my lifetime. It may not happen for another 100 years or longer, but it is coming. Only God himself knows when he will take his church…..HIS TRUE CHURCH out of this world. Now, you might ask, why would he do that? He would do that to protect those of us who have placed our faith in the Perfect Work of Jesus Christ from the wrath and judgement He WILL POUR OUT during 7 years. The Rapture itself will be a cataclysmic event, but it wont be the end of it. 7 years of God's judgement will be poured out on the Earth. Many will come to faith in Jesus but they will likely die during that time. So, how do you avoid this? First, you must truly believe that despite how good you think you are, you are a Sinner and need a Savior. Your good works are like filthy rags in the eyes of a Holy God. If you have broken one part of the law, you have broken all of it and stand condemned because of that. However, yet while ALL OF US were still sinners, Christ died for us. God became Man in the form of Jesus Christ who had a sinless birth, life, death, and resurrection, and then ascended back to Heaven where he stands ready to intercede for those who would cry out to him in repentance for mercy. Call upon the Lord and YOU WILL BE SAVED! Jesus will never turn away anyone who comes to faith in Him. Confess your sin and your need of him as Savior, and YOU WILL BE SAVED, and then sealed for ETERNITY. NO GUILT IN LIFE, NO FEAR IN DEATH! Find a theologically sound local Church (stay away from most megachurches) but find one that preaches a sound gospel. Remember, your sin is deep, but God's Grace is deeper still! I pray for all of you!

  4. Don’t wait until it is to late ok 👌🏾 people from all over the world 🌎 amen 🙏
    Jesus Christ is coming soon 🔜 amen 🙏
    I’m a Christian ✝️. Dude see. You in heaven when the rapture happens ok 👌🏾
    Dude heaven and hell are very real ok
    Dude Soo god bless your family and friends amen 🙏
    See. You in heaven when the rapture happens ok Dude Soo god bless your family and friends amen 🙏

  5. In God's prophetic Calender 2022 is a shemitah year. Sept is the end of the shemitah year and God does everything on 7s. We're living in week 69 and there are only 70 weeks. Please ask the lord Jesus christ to come into your heart and repent of all your sins and you be will that person that vanishes with us. You don't have to believe me, but if you see it this comment when millions have vanished, just know I warned you.

  6. The real event will be way more intense and that is an understatement. If you don't believe God's word then for the love of all that's Holy please believe the signs that are becoming more frequent more intense and are happening together. Those signs are for a reason people. It's God warning you that times running out. He doesn't want anyone to go to Hell but he leaves the desicion up to you and me. Accept Christ or reject Him. Accept Christ and follow Him into Heaven or reject Him and follow Satan into Hell. Your choice.
    Except a man or woman be born again they shall NOT see the kingdom of God. FACT! You wanna escape what's rapidly approaching us, then accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and savior. Confess with your mouth the Lord Jesus and believe in your heart the God has raised Him from the dead and you shall be saved. Confess your sins to Him humbly and ask for forgiveness. No matter the sins you've committed, His shed blood will cleanse you from it all. He won't judge you but will accept you like a son or daughter.
    Do it now, today while there's still time because time my friend is rapidly running out. This world is about to be seriously rocked by the hand of God like it has never been in the history of mankind. Don't let that day catch you like a thief unaware.
    I know I sound like a broken record but time is really short. Time is almost up. Accept Jesus now. Don't put it off anymore. The risk of not doing it is just too great. We are talking about our immortal soul. Eternity hung in the balance over a 5 minute humbling prayer to God. Some people will and already have die without Him. They will reject Him and perish. Don't be one of those.


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