I received a letter from an individual that I have tried to secure an interview with for some time, that letter exposes the Clinton conspiracy



  1. I've known HRC is THE High Satanic Priestess here in America & she was back when they were getting into the WH in the 90's. Most of what was said in the letter is true. All she's done is carve out the deepest, hottest spot in Hell for herself. She's no match for God the Father & Jesus Christ (Yeshua)

  2. Steve, your latest video isn't working and the comments are turned off so I can only let you know here. You can watch the 30+ second video, but the link gives a 404 message when trying to view it.

  3. Where are they getting all their power? Look up George, and then look up the name Soros. Then look up who introduced him. Hillary herself. GS funds our school system through one of the organizations he owns, and look what our schools have become and what they are now teaching. He said his goal was to take down America. Look at the companies HRC is linked to, and you see the occult backed fueled Nazi regime. Take America down and they think they will own Israel, which has been their goal from day one. The wars on earth are all tied to the war in Heaven with Satan who wants to sit above the throne of God. So, right there it tells you who the god of Hillary and GS is, and that god is the ruler of the world right now, and he is bankrolling it all. Satan loves the number 13: 13 elite families running the show. Some think Trump is on our side. Think again. He is a Mason. It is ALL a show. They are ALL the same, 2 halves of the same unit. Their goal is and always has been to divide America to bring it down. They are masters at deception and mind games. They are so good at mind games the democrats who were the party of slavery during the Civil War manipulate the black Americans to vote for them over and over again. Keep them enslaved under the guise of giving them freedom and power. Fuel hatred at the roots of this nation and you will destroy it. Mind games that are fueled by emotions. What a plan the occult backed Nazis have had from the get go. By the way GS is a Nazi, and he loved WW2. Said it was his best time of his life when his fellow Jewish neighbors were all gathered up and marched off to their deaths while he and his buddies went through ransacking all their homes and businesses. Best time of his life! Well, he must be enthralled now while he watches America kill itself and topple. When good men sit in fear and do nothing to stop it they are in consent, and thus are actually participants in this chaotic destruction. All because a psycho one day thought himself better than God and wants to sit above His throne. I am looking forward to the Great White Throne Judgment Seat of God. The madness will cease there and then.

  4. Interesting. I’ve only voted 3 times in my lifetime. Two times they were write ins and one was a legitimate vote. I did not vote because I felt at as 18 year old many moons ago, it didn’t matter and nobody had our best interest at heart. I guess my senses we correct. I do not doubt the Ebola vaccine. This whole Nimrod thing is quite creepy!!! I don’t understand why these people live forever if you’re on one side. Some of these people’s ages defy logic. Before my parent’s passed, I wouldn’t trust them with a fork much less running a country and the supposed free world. Food for thought……Steve you look and sound much better. I’m so thankful. I hope Jana and the kids are doing ok. It’s been a rough patch for you all.❤️❤️❤️❤️🙏🙏🙏

  5. Your video, From Patreon, when you click the link below the title, there is an error and I don’t know if you removed it or if YouTube removed it but it is not there so not sure if it is something that you removed or if they did but is there a way to see that video?

  6. I wonder if it is true about the supposed occult ritual that Aleister Crowley had, where they brought forth and powerful demon spirit and infused with the womb of a woman, the child that was born was HRC…I heard this story multiple times and once from a close friend who was a rescue diver with the Navy Seals, he did security at the Vatican for 5 years and had a hit put out on him, where he barely survived. He was looking into the disappearance of children in and around the Vatican…

  7. Like we have always been told " Follow the money". Works every time. Why do they want all dead do they think they can do the work the "little people" do? We know Joey wants everyone vaxed because he ordered so many and they want their money. Most people already know these things.

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