More nonsense from the false teacher Levi Price. In this video I examine a clip from a Paltalk session where Levi is falsely teaching his followers.



  1. Wayne is at least trying to motivate believers to live holy, if he is wrong won’t he answer to Jesus someday? If he isn’t against Jesus but for him, why should we be against him? The world will know Christians by our love for each other, god bless anyone reading this

  2. Is that all you do is criticize people forget it get over yourself it was just trying to make a point that I thought was pretty awesome Hallelujah Wayne Levi price!

  3. hahahahaha "Having a bad thought is not sinning!! oh no!! It IS NOT sinning!" insert cracking up emoji here 'cause I am not on my phone
    Whether he knew he was lying or not!

  4. all of your mocking, so on and so forth will be hold a countable on the day of your judgment, and you call your self's to know jesus to know the bible. Levi says he's not perfect , his teachings are from the new testament. if your right hand keeps sinning cut it off.

  5. 1:07 "Having a bad thought is not sinning". The Bible says in Proverbs 24:9:
    "The thought of foolishness is sin: and the scorner is an abomination to men."
    When a foolish thought is a sin, then I am pretty sure that a bad thought is also a sin.

  6. Actually Levi, your hipster beard, faux hawk, propensity for wife beater shirts and wanton display of your armpits is a sin. Ok- it’s not a sin, but it is an affront to what is considered tasteful. That is my flesh speaking.

  7. Levi is a snake oil salesmen. The same big tent revival in the spirit of the ecumenical, apostate Pope lover Billy Graham. Except his is just a pup tent, thank goodness.


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