SHREVEPORT, LOUISIANA — A Facebook Live video by Louisiana man Levi Price is being examined by investigators after the 27-year-old turned up dead shortly after it was streamed online.

In the video posted on October 11, Price appears to be wandering through a wooded area near a bridge, live streaming for almost two minutes. It’s not clear who he’s running from, but several commenters on his Facebook wall suspect he was evading police.

Not long after the live stream cut out, a person walking near the bridge called 911 after witnessing a man thrashing about in the water, drowning. Once emergency crews got to the scene, divers were sent in to help. They found Price, floating lifeless, 17 feet below the surface. His body was recovered around 5:15 p.m. The Facebook Live video was streaming at 1:05 p.m.

Levi Price’s final remarks during his last moments can only be described as eerie. In a murmered voice, he mentions that he had gone to a motel to visit somebody near a casino, and then says “now they’re trying to get me, because I was at the casino. I wasn’t supposed to be there.” He then says he didn’t do anything wrong, and explains how he was trying to get across the bridge to escape his followers. The video cuts out with him saying “They’re coming through the woods, now.”

A spokesperson for the sheriff’s office said that though it appears Price was being followed in the video, there is not yet any evidence to suggest that he was actually being followed.

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  1. omg i thought this was the same dude who told his kid his mom died from heroin and put it on facebook. I was like this fucking dude really just left his kid without parents smh. They look like the same person lol


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