Canary Cry News Talk episode 318: LEVIATHAN BIRTH EARTH: Aborted Feces, Kamala Cackle, Biden’s Beasts – 03.31.2021 Watch Live TWITCH, YOUTUBE 1, YOUTUBE 2, DLIVE Listen: RSS, Spotify, Apple Sign Up to the EMAIL LIST! FLIPPY -Boston Dynamics introduces Stretch, new robot arm -VR office EPSTEIN DIDN’T KILL HIMSELF -Maxwell charged with grooming and trafficking BIBLICAL -Alien world might be hiding inside earth (hollow earth) a. Theia mythology b. Biblical Rahab theory (Psalm 89.10, Isaiah 30.7, 51.9 [sea monster], Job 26.12) c. Rahab-Leviathan connection, destruction motif (Psalm 74.14, Isaiah 27.1, Job 41.31) d. Pre-adamic race of angelic civilization destroyed, now exists beneath the earth d. Rahab female in Joshua story is actually Rachab WACCINE -Cuomo royal treatment -Robert Jeffries aborted “feces” in waccine comparison to Jesus crucifixion (clip) -CDC Director “scared” and feels “impending doom” (clip) -Texas covid record low after ending mask mandate -Qanon congresswoman says waccine passports will usher in end times -Waccine Passport sentiment (tweet) basil saw songbird – waccine passport PP -Canada pulls back AstraZeneca -2009 Pfizer should have shut down (clip) (Pfizer lawsuit history) BECOME A PRODUCER JOIN THE CANARY CRY ROUNDTABLE OF KNIGHTS AND DAMES POLYTICK -Kamilla cracks up…again (clip) -Major Biden bites …………..again -WAPO gives Biden 4 Pinocchio’s -Trump crashes wedding, gives “incoherent” speech -MyPillowGuy August Trump return claim (clip) -China/Russia alliance in New World Order BEAST SYSTEM -Call for urgent response to establish neuro-rights ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE -AI Awards: Bright Machines -AI Awards: Sogou (China) -AI Awards: Samsara (occult owl logo) PRODUCERS FOR ep.318 Roselle F Iamclaynow Adam M Sarah S Lydia G Samantha M Saul Malik Kimberly W Lloyd V. (Art) MrMagoo (Art) HungryHungarian (Art) Allie (Art) Teresa (Art) OUR OWN SOCIAL MEDIA: CanaryCry.Community PAYPAL PATREON CCNT PATREON CCR CRYPTOCURRENCY Extra Stories and links -Tony Blair received Bill Gates grant -7 killed flash floods Tennessee -Rapper Bamboo says witchcraft is real, focus on God now



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