Lifeway’s Explore the bible series Daniel 7 lesson for February 20, 2022 title is “Future Seen”.
God tells us about His future Kingdom

Daniel 7 explained!

Mike Howard Sunday 2/20/2022 is the Sunday school class lesson, or small group lesson. This weeks lesson is from Daniel chapter 7 – God shows Daniel the end times. It’s from Lifeway’s Explore the Bible series lesson this week.

The PowerPoint slides for Sunday School teachers or Small Group leaders can be found using this link:

Join Mike Howard for his Preview of the Lifeway’s Explore the bible series: February 13, 2022 title is “Trust Exhibited” from Daniel chapter 6.

Mikes topic comments include:
Hello everyone this is Mike Howard and I’m here with Beverly Howard and we are going to do a Bible Study.

How to Have a remote Sunday school or small group class?

A substitute Sunday school teacher well look no further place Mike Howard’s class on your smart tv big screen and tune to the YouTube Channel “You project channel Mike Howard”. Go to the channel and start the playlist for “This Sunday Services in Section 2” on “The You Project Channel Mike Howard”. You will see the first video from Beverly Howard playing a great piano hymn for this weeks lesson.

This weeks Lifeway’s Explore the bible lesson HYMN for 2/20/2022 is “Great Is Thy Faithfulness” sung by Beverly Howard.

Daniel chapter 7 – Explore the Bible series lesson this week is – “Future Seen” coupled with the hymn “Great Is Thy Faithfulness” is a great opening hymn to your Class or Small group bible study!

Just select the playlist and press play the public domain on a large screen smart tv for the small group bible study class or Sunday school. The next video is Mike Howard and the Lifeway’s Explore the bible Sunday school lesson including chapter bookmarks for beginning of lesson, introduction the bible verses, conclusion, summary and closing prayer. All in one location.

Chapters this video includes:

00:00 Lesson titled title is “Future Seen”.
10:27 Introduction Daniel 7 and start of lesson
11:50 Points to ponder lesson questions for discussion
12:00 Whats the point of God telling these stories?
12:10 What lessons can we take away?
13:09 What is god saying to us now?
14:05 summary
21:00 What does it mean?
29:00 Prayer to our God




  1. what i see in Genesis 1:2 the great sea the four beast came out lion , is Adam , /Bear 3 ribs ,is Noah and his 3 sons,/ LEOPARD with four heads and four wings is Moses (Exodus 19:4 Judah, Ephraim , Reuben , Dan, ) the fourth Beast Levi keeper of the law , 10 Commandments the little horn pluck out by the roots the first 3 Commandments //// I thank he was ( Caiaphas) //Saints and Jesus will possess the kingdom for ever ever and ever.I hope you see it (I maybe wrong you be the judge) Daniel 7///

  2. Thank you, once again, for your clarity and insight. Your faithfulness in allowing GOD to provide you with explanations and understanding of difficult scriptures to impart understanding to others is a blessing. Thank you for delving into the scriptures to provide confirmation through GOD's WORD that HIS prophesies, visions and Promises were; are, and will come true. GOD bless you and Beth.

  3. You always do such a great job of putting all the pieces together so we can see how they fit together. It is easy to get bogged down in the details and not see the big picture. It’s all going to work out, because God is still in charge and all His promises have or will be fulfilled.

  4. Thank you for your commitment to raise Jesus weekly to those who watch and hear. My prayer is that those who will, seek God's Truth in prophecy for spiritual peace and urgent commitment to share Jesus to all as Jesus commanded. He wants all who will choose Him as Lord and Savior to be eternally saved. Our Lifeway lessons are introductory scripture studies lite – please accept in context meant, not criticism, but diligently ingest His Word in prayerful guidance daily.


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