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Please watch: “Celebs and Jesus – sound off ”




  1. The Bible clearly says we Are To Stand Out Not Blend In With The World Lecrae Is Wearing Dresses Now come on Now TELL Me How That's Glorified The Lord Better Read Your Bible Flatout We Answer To JesusChrist Solo So We Need To Watch That In Jesus Mighty Name Amen! Even The Devil Is Gonna Bow Down To Jesus Christ And Confess Jesus Christ is Lord Amen!

  2. I really like that Gawvi pointed out that it can be very dangerous to just go into the world. I also thought I hope Lecrae really has a lot of godly men in his corner, because that is the only way he is going to be able to be a light in a world that is oh so dark. Because the world is not our freind. And the book of James clearly says "Don't you know that friendship with the world means enmity against God. We as believers need to be prayed up, backed up, motivated up, worded up and Holy Spirit up'd before we can even think we jus gonna go into the Devils corner. It's not in our name or by our power that demons flee ( we see that with the Sons of Sceva in the book of Acts) but it's by the power of the Only Name Jesus the Christ, that demons are gonna flee, blind eyes are gonna see, deaf ears are gonna hear and dark hearts are gonna break. Take a Sevin for instance, I believe he is like that demon possesed man from Galilee in the caves that Jesus healed. Those galilean s wanted nothing to do with Jesus after that and the healed man wanted to go with Jesus and Jesus said No, you stay here there is work to be done. How many of us Christians would go up in the hoods and the projects where darkness resides so heavely. Not many of us. I thank God for the Sevin s and those that God strategically places in these spots. So sad the church looks down on people like Sevin and others, yet won't answer the call themselves to go out in all the world and preach the Gospel to all creation. These are the guys who's reward will be great in heaven, because even though people judge them, they realize that they are here to please God and not man, and they don't get swayed by the shouts, and the spouts of hearts that lack understanding. Sorry for all the talk just wanted to say I love watching you guys, you All are a blessing. I love that you all can have fun in the name of Jesus and come together for one purpose to glorify the Name above All Names Yeshua the Holy One. God bless – Your little sister from Northern Cali

  3. +Real talk some of these people only stepping in the Christian scene to come ☝.But are so worldly! We are supposed to be evangelizing but, we are still supposed to be holy or we aren't saving anyone, we have to make sure we are saved!!!

  4. y r they comparing Christian songs to secular. And I personally can recite way better sections in his songs than what they put out. Im a Christian! That dont mean I think I'm perfect t but I know I have a purpose- Dee1. I don't listen to secular music at all. And I have loved music ALL my life! Behold I do a new thing. Old things should pass away!! Thats why I don't listen to a lot of this Christian rap anymore. However Dee 1 my guy

  5. Pleeeeaaassseeee get Twenty One Pilots for a line 4 line. It would be nice because they are such lyrical geniuses, especially in their rapping. I don't know who you should put them up against, but I think it would be cool if you give them a shot.


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