We Will be reading from the 1984 NIV, follow along online at:

The dramatized 1984 NIV audio bible has recently been made available again on bible.is! If you want to check it out it is here:

We will also be using the “Greek and Hebrew Study Bible” app for iPhone and iPad. It is a great resource.

If you are more interested in the preterist interpretation of the end times that I will likely be making reference to, here is my video that explains what the heck that means 🙂

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We Home Birth, Home School, Home Church
We homeschool using ACE Curriculum.
Andrea the mom of the Family went home to be with God on 8-19-19
She will be forever missed and mourned.



  1. Thinking on the servant found doing good (or not) when the master returns… so this seems to speak to me that the good you have in your hands to do is the good the master wants t come finding you do.. and that thought process prevents the believer from just sitting on a hill waiting for Him to return and doing no good

  2. It really is a deep subject. God is Father. He wants and should be respected and loved and praised. Yet we can just talk to Him. And that is just amazing…the great mystery of His love

  3. Maybe Jesus meant by bringing the sword to divide….that the sword which is the true Word of God would be what divided people: the Kingdom of God and the Kingdom of darkness. The kingdom of God has the true Word of God and the Kingdom of darkness doesn't because they rejected the truth or maybe they haven't had exposure to it yet.

  4. Well, this has been helpful to me. I often pray on my way to work. The Lord has given me a gift of perception of nature. I’m into the details. Sometimes I use these details to praise Him. I also take a line or concept of a song, that speaks of his nature, and I focus on that. The quality of my prayers has improved over many years. I started out with repetitive anxious prayers. I have a strong desire to improve my communication with Him.


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