We Will be reading from the 1984 NIV, follow along online at:

The dramatized 1984 NIV audio bible has recently been made available again on bible.is! If you want to check it out it is here:

We will also be using the “Greek and Hebrew Study Bible” app for iPhone and iPad. It is a great resource.

If you are more interested in the preterist interpretation of the end times that I will likely be making reference to, here is my video that explains what the heck that means 🙂

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We Home Birth, Home School, Home Church
We homeschool using ACE Curriculum.
Andrea the mom of the Family went home to be with God on 8-19-19
She will be forever missed and mourned.



  1. Watching the recording. I very much agree about not having to flaunt when one is a Christian. I was Roman-Catholic for 50 years, and with the way the Vatican is carrying on, it just disgusted me so much that I renounced my membership. I have officially distanced myself from their deeds, but I have not changed. Being a good human being does not require one to be a member of any religion. Doing good is in one´s nature. Greetings from Germany.

  2. Fell asleep listening so now I can catch up. It never made sense to me that they were upset with helping people in such miracles on the sabbath. I just can't fathom that. What a picture of untying the donkey parallel with setting the woman free…I have never caught that


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