1. Hey Renee when people say you need to believe or have faith what they mean? Is it to only trust Christ to save us or is it trust and read the Bible and believe the message of grace💖

  2. Renee, I just discovered your videos recently, and I just wanted to say that I am not easily impressed, but the way you explain things, and make "complicated" subjects in the bible so easy to understand, is truly exceptional! And i've listened to a lot of preachers on youtube and I don't give compliments like this just anyone just so you know! God bless you! 😇

  3. Renee I have found God showing me something really important that I would like you to see. He has shown me that the fruit Jesus talks about through his ministry is the fruit of the spirit… and Ive been trying to figure out if repentance is the key to bearing that fruit of the spirit.. BC John the Baptist talks about it when he appears to the Jews and than Jesus mentions the "repent or perish" but right below it in Luke he mentions a parable abt a fig tree not bearing fruit. We as saved brethren are to bear fruit from the spirit.. bc if we don't than God cuts us off.. When Jesus died sinless on the cross he was making it possible for the holy spirit to manifest in sin without the works of the law… but I do believe repentance has something super important to do with bearing fruit. Please help me on this issue.. I think the devil is being really clever with making believers think if they abide or "work" than they fall from grace. but even the apostles talks about fruitful works.. that God had us predestined for. Im very tripped up on this.. God has really pulled in my sprit about this.

  4. Omg! Was just talking to the Lord about the book of Romans, how I was wanting to understand it better. Is it too late to join the Bible Study? Sure hope not. Somehow, I keep missing these live events.


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