studying Romans 12



  1. Hi Renee, I hope you get this text. I haven't heard all your videos, infect I learned of you through Past Tim and Barry S. I have a question about the Rapture and the Season we will know so please if u can answer realize in pretty new at all this and I want to understand. I've been listening about how the rapture can't happen till Israel 70th year, well isn't the 71st year is on May 14th? I'm kinda lost because I thought Paul said 70th year?…God bless you sweetheart! What a mighty tool of God you are!

  2. Renee Roland hey I was curious about the different types of angels there were in the Bible. Could you make a video on their characteristics and the different types etc… that would be fun. Thanks xo

  3. Thank you for your passion!! I love Ultimatemordecai and he told us about you and sincitypeacher and we are loving listening to you all . Finally a true christian community. Thank you!


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