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  1. Some would or could say that Adam was the first or Yeshua then was Melchizedek before being the “ Jesus “ in the New Testament. What is missing in this debate is the understanding of Elohim. The Hebrew word for God. A plural Word encompassing The Family of God. The Holy Sovereign Father, Christ Yahushua/Yeshua, The Holy Spirt, etc..Why not mention that Muhammad was a white, incestuos pedophile who liked to suck on the tongues of young boys and men….The killing of the flesh was a symbolic sacrifice for us but Christ was resurrected and took His flesh with Him which explains why His body was not found in the tomb. Wish I was there.

  2. Christianity is Religion like all the others. And Jesus was not a part of any of them. Religion took it upon themselves throughout the years, to make Jesus apart of their doctrine.. God came to Earth through Jesus, to save us for what happened with Adam and Eve. As God was suppose to kill man for the Sin they committed. And not wanting to do that, and wanting to keep His word, He came back through Jesus to saves us! God himself came to Earth as a man in Jesus, and died for our sins. Then He rose and went back to Heaven leaving us with the Holy Spirit to guide our ways.. <3 We are the chosen ones, to bring Heaven to Earth!! "The Lord's Prayer", says it all..

  3. Hmmm yes the muslims are pagan and they even realize it BUT Satan is so smart that anybody who believes in the trinity is Also PAGAN. It is. It so hard to understand. Yahweh is the one who got Israel out of Egypt, the one who Moses didn't look at because his face was so bright, the only god who turned sodom and gamorrah into an ihabital place NOT yahshua Hamaschia. yahshua, he is the LAST prophet. The one who changed the rules of the Old Testament. The one who was HUMAN only not God. This is why we have no excuse to not follow all Ten Commandments. If the anointed son did it, we could do it too. Faith is works too, not just acting like dimentia person who is always saying sorry and believes he will still get into the shamayims..

  4. Amen.Heavenly Father we ask you to Send Your Ministering Guardian and Warriors Angels For Protection Over These Brothers And surround them with a Hedge of Thorns In The Name Of Jesus Christ I Pray.We Give You Thanks Lord For your Word never returns void.Lord Jesus we pray that people’s hearts will be touched and open to hearing the Good News Of Jesus Christ Through these Labours.We Ask For Renewing Of The People’s minds and hearts of the people they share your Word with. Amen

  5. You talk rock worship! When you know Christians are in the top 5 with idolizing.. Take the cross for instance..👀Also show the world where Jesus said "I AM GOD WORSHIP ME".. I'll wait🧑🏾⏳👴🏾But you cant, you dont even speak the language in which your religion was revealed so how can any Christian like you claim to know anything about jesus or understand the true message.. Please whoever responds be educated.

  6. You should have told that one guy about why Jesus died for us. It's because God loved us so much that he gave us his son Jesus who is perfect and sinless to remove our bondage of sin

  7. This is NOT good…. 2Timothy 2;24,25….. God already has a people for his name and an organization carrying out this preaching work worldwide globally and it's very organized because it has his backing and approval this organization is called Jehovah's Witnesses

  8. A farmer does not go arguing with a plumber on how to plant corn. Neither does a plumber go arguing with the farmer on to how to lay pipes.What has corn got to do with pipes ?And what has pipes got to do with corn? Go to them that need you NOT to them that do NOT need you. And you both keep arguing senselessly on who is God and who is not. When both parties " presumably" knows the answer/ truth. Learn my people. Correct me if my opinion is wrong.

  9. You are supposed to worship God and Praise Jesus I think you got confused with the guy and going back and forth that's why he keep using that one phrase against you but actually you don't worship Jesus you worship God you Praise Jesus that's what I understand when it comes to being a Christian am I wrong????

  10. The Black cube of Mecca represents Saturn, The Fallen Creation worshipped as the Creator, the people represent the rings going round in anti clockwise rotation. The Black Kabba stone shaped like the Womb at the Eastern Corner (We got kicked out of Eden at the East "Land of Nod" and the people pray to Allah. So Kabba stone plus Allah = Kabbalah, it was designed from the same weaponised roots that instil ALL Modern Masonic Mainstream Religions!!!

  11. Jesus is the spotless lamb for our sins. he is the continuation of the old testament with all the sacrificing of animals. lol people judging God's justice system as blood thirsty but it's God's justice system that's how it works. sin has to be paid for. it's either you pay for it lol which your can't or Jesus pays for it.

  12. The thing is that people demonotize islam when I live in a place where there are lots of Christians and there are lots of so called Christians saying bad words but later it is the Muslims that get blamed for everything people say that Muslim do not believe in Jesus or God we believe in Jesus but we don't believe that Jesus is God. There was a time when I use to go to a Christian school

  13. As far as I know Christian dont worship idols!! So what is an idol? What is the black box? The rock they worship is that not an item? To me it seem that Muslim do worship an idol the black box rock whatever you what to called it.

  14. That guy at the end had you guys stuck for words an you ended the video lolzzz how an why would god allow himself to die just to return what the hell it makes no sense. You are not prepared for these debates specially with a well educated Muslim!!!! You need to educate yourself on other religions before starting a DEBATE, you FOOL stop laughing in people’s faces, I would knock you out if you did that in front of me.

  15. Can you believe how contrary this guy at the end is, he was asked if he believes in the Bible, then the same guy is going to ask them to let him prove a fact to them from the same Bible, smh, 7 you guys really had time to waste, these are the people Paul are referring to when he says if our gospel is hidden, it's hidden to them that are lost, in whom the god of this world hath blinded the minds of them which believe not, for the preaching of the cross to them that perish is foolishness, but unto them that are saved is the power of God..

  16. The dome of the rock is in Jerusalem, you know, the thing Zionists want to knock down so they can build their temple 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣and Muslims pray towards the Kaaba, not east. If you're in the east you pray towards the West, if you're north you pray towards the south 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 this video is cringe


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