Music video for “Ends of the Earth” from the album Lonesome Dreams by Lord Huron.

Lonesome Dreams on iTunes:

Directed by Kevin Donelan.



  1. I arrived on this page by going down a rabbit hole of folk, mariachi, and Americana. Years ago. The song resonated with me then. I mean it REALLY resonated with me in a very deep way. I own the album now, but I came back today because it came on random play while I was driving. Today even more than when I first heard this song, it resonates with me.

    I am on the verge of a giant life change. I might have to say goodbye to someone I love, as it would seem this is where our paths diverge. She wants to stay and live, as she herself puts it, “a simple life.” Meanwhile, I’m off to see the world again. After 5 years standing in one place, I’m on the precipice of a life on the road again. My work will likely bring me to all corners of the world. And from my previous experiences out there, I am well aware of how much there is I have still yet to see.

    Literally every word of this song rings true for me. I love her to pieces and I wish her choice was to come with me. I wish she had that undying wanderlust the way that I do. But not everyone has the same goals and the same things that drive them. I’d take a bullet for her, but I won’t stay only to end up resenting her for it.

    The song doesn’t strike a heartbreaking tone. Not even a lightly melancholy tone. To me, it’s an inquisitive tone, one of almost childlike wonderment. A parent letting their child go to chase after a ball or a puppy or a butterfly for the first time. My overriding desire to see as much of this place as I can feels a lot like that. And so I very much hope that if we do end up having to part ways, that we can find a way to celebrate that we found each other in the first place, and that we both have the respect for each other to let the other follow their path.

    I figured I’d write all that because it pertains to a connection a person can have with the actual song and not a TV show. There’s plenty of comments about the show and how much it meant to people. And that’s awesome. Just figured I put one out there about the song and how much it means to me.

  2. My daughter who was a twin who married a twin in October 2019 chose this song to walk down the aisle with her dad I've been trying to search for the song Forever it just literally was amazing it is amazing and I just loved her choice when I heard she had picked it out along with her first dance It's a Wonderful World with Nat King Cole


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