Louis C.K. vs Ellen Farber a Christian against masturbation



  1. That last line 😂🤣

    But for real, if men couldn't masturbate we'd be drooling over all women like hungry lions watching a butcher do his thing behind glass – like perverse and uncontrollable animals being teased and provoked into action. We'd do everything and anything to get sex, to get a fix of that orgasmic drug. Maybe that's what happens to a man before he becomes a player – he stops masturbating and then turns into this animal that will just lie his teeth out just for a taste of that kitten. We'd be controlled by our instincts to reproduce as much as possible so as to spread our bloodline. We'd be just as manipulative as those women who only get married to take men's estate. (Get some ice, this last one is going to burn some of women from the street)

  2. This is why i despise religious people they think they know everything they think they know what's good for you F*CK YOUR GOD we have absolute freedom to do whatever we want even adultery murder or abortion

  3. Of course he gets mad at the end because she called him out on being his unhappiness. People only get defensive and say "you need to stop telling people how to live", eve though the way they insist on living isn't doing it for them.


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