In this video I share a prophetic dream the Lord gave me in mid-May of 2021. The dream lays some thing out prophetically regarding The Wealth Transfer, specifically regarding the crypto tokens Terra Luna Classic (LUNC) and XRP.

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DISCLAIMER = I am NOT a financial advisor. Any financial material covered on this channel is for INFORMATION purposes ONLY. You are responsible for your own financial decisions and research.

00:00 – Start / Intro
00:30 – Welcome to the Channel
01:34 – About the Dream
02:28 – The Great Wealth Transfer
03:39 – Beginning to share the dream
07:41 – Dream interpretation
15:35 – Parallels to the Biblical Exodus
17:28 – XRP is the Bitcoin Killer
19:17 – Simple XRP Potential Gains Example
19:47 – Others having XRP Prophetic Dreams
21:29 – The Dream’s Accuracy / Invest Now
22:14 – Confirmation Clip



  1. $LUNC (Terra Luna) is actually at 10,000th of a dollar right not, not 1,000th ($0.0003). I accidentally said that incorrectly when filming. Sorry! There's SO MUCH potential to gain wealth through this opportunity! Blessings everyone!

  2. Thank you, Brandon, and God bless you! Having Sharon from Now Daily Bread, and Drew Wyatt, be consistent that LUNC goes before XRP for seed money is very helpful and matches your dream. Subscribed.

  3. This is my 1st time listening to your channel, GREAT content.. God has been pressing me to focus on my finances since January, 1st-2021.. I began investing in cryptocurrency & my 1st coin was Doge coin.. Since then God has lead me to invest 90% of my portfolio into Amc stock.. But, I also have some $$$$ invested xrp, Shiba Inu & Gala.. Just to name a few.. This IS The Great Wealth Exchange & I'm going to get ALL of mines.. You have a new subscriber my friend..

  4. God is using his entire body to share the things he has revealed to us, thank you for your obedience to the Holy Spirit and being bold in sharing your dream in faith. God bless you brother.

  5. Hi Brandon thanks for encouragement in telling us about your awesome dream I enjoyed what you said that there maybe some correlation to the seconds coinciding with the time you left Carolina this thing regarding the Wealth Transfer could be a matter of a couple of months away. Blessings Patrick

  6. Thank you brother Brandon! I've been bombarded by prophetic words on crypto and wealth transfer these days, a lot of confirmations, that's what I got: LUNA should get to 0.10-0.12 USD, at that point we should sell them to buy more XRP that will become the main world currency and accordingly to prophecies should get to 80.000 USD or more. Also I received a lot of confirmations on SHIBA INU too, which now is 0.000011 USD and prophecies say will get from 1 to 13 USD SOON.
    These 3 cryptos are the ones I got a lot of confirmations to invest in.
    Glory to God, God bless us all.

  7. God has also been giving me hints and signs to Buy Luna to be able to acquire more XRP so us REAL spiritual followers can make this world a better place together. It's absolutely amazing how all of us with true intentions are lead to the same destination seeking the truth.

  8. God bless you Brother. I had a dream similar to yours. I saw liquid gold I think from a tap. Burn through my cup drop on the floor and burn through the floor to form a well. And the well level started rising up and up with the crater/hole becoming bigger.

  9. Thank you. Confirmation God told me he’s giving me investments prior to investing in main that will sky rocket. I sense a positioning so I have ability to purchase massive amounts when it’s time. I’m going to say something, earlier a prophet I respect was explaining how these days are like days of Noah she mentioned Noah’s Ark. the Ark was built to protect. Anyway when she said this it bust inside me. I said Ark. I googled is there a crypto ethereum ARK COIN? I’m clueless about all this stuff. Second day tryin to figure it out, that’s how new and clueless I am. Do you know ARK crypto ethereum coin exists. Blew my mind. I’ll pray a bit more about this but I think it’s indication that ethereum is what is going to explode. Again I’m not sure, I gotta stop pray listen and ask for confirmation


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