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  1. The kingdom of heaven is only for the israelites everyone else in the earth have their kingdom the true Hebrew israelites are still in captivity in America until the father comes for his choosing children not the whole earth

  2. Stop with the color stuff. Who cares what color he is. He is not human he is a Angel. Doesn't matter if he is white or black. Having a picture of him because you love him is just fine. If you have a cross keep it because we stand with Jesus Christ. We stand behind the cross. He wants you love. Worry about having a relationship with him. Read his Bible and stop sinning. Once again his skin color DOESN'T MATTER and his picture is just that a picture of him. It shows love. I am so sick of this skin color crap.

  3. Brother never allow the christian to discourage you with there I don't care what color he is comments. I too had a supernatural visitation. Yahshua approached me and revealed himself and yes he is a brother I wepted in amazement and my heart opened to the total revelation of what he is about to do on planet earth. Christianity is doomed and they know it. Please be stand strong and never stop proclaiming the truth my brother; son of Judah.

  4. if his color didn't matter they would have put him up as he really is ! I was searching the channels one day and ran upon a madonna concert, and immediately got a headache so bad that i had to go the bathroom and threw up! such demonic activity, the audiences eyes had a glossy look over them.

  5. I have been following your channel for a while now + "Thank-You" for your info that's meant to keep followers of God from straying.
    One thing, though, that I take exception to is you taking the info gained from "your" personal dream + then using that info like Bibllical scripture!
    Putting this info that "Jesus is black" in your video + telling people to destroy all pictures of a white Jesus- ask yourself if God would bless your actions.
    The last words of the Bible are a warning to "anyone who adds info to, or removes any info from, the Bible."
    Declaring Jesus to be black, based only on your own personal dream, I believe fits into this category.
    The Bible states that we should "humble ourselves to God" + you "preaching" a description of his son's race, based on a dream, is literally treating your non-Biblical belief as if it is Biblical.
    Division between the races is a problem that mortal man created.
    By declaring the race of Jesus to be black has no scriptural basis + can only serve to bring about racial division among believers which I consider to be totally against what God wants.
    I believe that anyone who attempts to causes division among believers, over a fact that he is stating which has no scriptural basis, needs to re-think his statements, ask for God's forgiveness, + correct his position with his subscribers.
    I say these statements with sincere respect, overall, for you + your channel.

  6. AMEN !! Thanks for sharing ur Video and telling us the Truth and Thanks for All UR Videos ! GOD Bless U and Everyone and May GODS Will be done Always and May GOD'S Hedge of Protection Surround U and EVERYONE !! # I Love JESUS CHRIST !! Almost All the ppl in Hellywood ARE devil worshippers and are Demonic and EVERYONE Will Stand before GOD and be Judge !! The End OF The Age is upon US All NOW !!


  8. New subscriber. Such incredible knowledge! Thank you so much for your discernment via the Lord. God bless you sir beautiful work. My new go to channel for the truth amen

  9. I've watched you 4 a long time ..You speak very had me till YOU said God showed you his backside ..The Bible states than can not be!!! I do not believe that statement..And I will unsub and not watch you again..! l lie just leads to another..and we know that Jesus was a Jew so NO he isn't white..But he is all colors to everyone!!…

  10. Sir brother i hope you're fine right now. Please be careful always.. i heard that you have seen our God and only God Jesus almighty.. sir please be careful of what doing. Because i've experienced it too.. i've experienced the demon fooling me .. sir don't be fooled .. the demons are watching you and you're family .. sir brother please be careful always… Thank you for your videos … Keep it up.. the Lord Jesus is always with us… God bless sir brother… I hope we can meet or chat someday. Take care.. you're doing the right thing… Sir brother just don't let your knowledge fool you… Sir brother be wise not knowledgable… It is important sir brother. Hope to meet you someday… Again take care

  11. I do not understand what difference it make what color Jesus is. Because you say he is black you love him more? If he is white, which I never thought of him as being white but most likely brown. It should make no difference.

  12. My mother sayd many years ago I do not like this Madonna and then she was a little inicent in here way to the trone but now she sould here soul to the devil and I also knowing she having a werry nice house in Algarve Portugal in the little city called Luz and it was also there this little girl mADELENE DISEPEARED AND THIS PLACE IS WELL KNOWN FOR DISIPEARING OF CHILDREN AND AROUD THE SCHOOL THEY HAVING 4 METERS HIGHT DEFENCE There is many having their holyday many many well known people

  13. I tried watching this video on YouTube on my fire stick and the video plays for 5 seconds then cuts to a different video in my recommended list wth is going on???!

  14. Ms. April who said that black people were the chosen ones! ???? You sound like your full of yourself! Lol 😆 real Christian don't talk like that! Yes I am white, and I believe Jesus Christ is dark skin where he was from! But we all are siner and fall short of the glory! God 👼😇👼 gave his only begotten son so no one would Parish! Amen! 💒⛪⛪⛪ ✝ ✝ ✝

  15. The original Hebrews were of color and negroes are descendants of the tribe Judah . However, gentiles still have access to the kingdom by having faith and keeping the commandments

  16. The five virgin were there, dancing, the very ones that the Jesus talked about, the ones that had no oil in their candles to welcome the bridegroom so they were left outside……

  17. I worship YHWH EVERYDAY that the sun shines (or not).

    I will not refrain from worshipping the Most High God on any particular day just because the Serpent wants to claim it!

    Praise the Almighty Always!!!

  18. Just curious about a few things going on around here. I believe the time is at hand an i would like to exchange some knowledge with you brother. If there is anyway to contact ya with a chat. I would like to show you some footage an pics i have captured


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