The Secrets of Quantum Physics (Jim Al-Kalalili)

Rethinking Prayer: What Quantum Physics & Neuroplasticity Teach About Praying (false teaching by Doug Hamp)

World’s First Programmable Magic Wand:

Aethereal – The Battle for Heaven and Earth (my cosmology documentary)



  1. Dougie there is a demon. No ok ne knows what actually is going on in quantum mechanics and most of these truths are no truths. Just these people particular theory. That's why there all the different. Whoeverso denies that Jesus Crist came in the flesh is ANTICHRIST.

  2. I love every single video you put out. The way you explain everything, the TRUTH comes through and I'm salivating for more. These truths from who we are, to what we are and whats the future of our being and how the science put the "magic" into EVERYTHING to hide the TRUTH, are awakening truths that so many need to see and hear. And by reading the comments from other fellow followers of your channel, its refreshing to see I'm not alone in my thinking.
    When so many around me have no clue, its hard to have a conversation. When I came across your channel a month ago, I've been binging on all the information. I am a flat earther all the way. I came into the knowledge of it in 2015. The more I studied it out for myself and I'm always seeking truth and discernment through prayer, the deception the world stage brought was so much clearer and flat earth made so much sense. My husband thinks im a nut and doesn't believe in flat earth but his relationship isnt as deep as mine whith Christ. I keep praying for him. He is a Christian but is stuck on worldviews still and would rather watch tv than read or feed his mind. Im praying for him to break free of it all. But I just had to stop and comment and let you know how much I appreciate your work. Thank you. I love the testimonial videos too. I love my flat earth family online and seeing like minded people. Bless you my brother in Christ. I can listen to you for hours on end. 🤗💋💞 I share your work often! You are a blessing to so many.

  3. Any relationship with the Creator that doesn't begin with and center in Jesus Christ is not. Want me to ask Leigh to god if Jesus cries but if He is fairly represented I'm more than happy to listen, but that's not God.

  4. I know both Rob Skiba and Doug Hamp have always intellectualized the bible and going past the simplicity that is in Christ. What happened to living by the spirit and not by the flesh? If I have not love? I found it greatly disturbing to hear Doug Hamp talk about transhumanism as well… he doesn't get it and it's sad, they're so young… we need to pray for them. Amen!!

  5. So Hemp concludes nothing is real, really….until REALITY informs you THAT IT IS.. Hemp needs a condemn for his conundrum. Would it not be nice if deceit were not real unless it informs you that it is. Maybe that explains why they must externalize the hierarchy.

  6. He keeps saying how he is quoting these worldly scientists…wisdom of man is foolishness to God…

    This man thinks by using their substantiations that he becomes credible…he has lost all respect from me.


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