Richie from Boston, MA. making a small fire in the snow at Lynn woods,MA. using a light my fire 2.0 steel and some birch bark. using technigues I learned from others on you tube. ty guys.



  1. Dude with the laptop I didn't know u had these vids up,wish u mentioned them sooner.i grew up in n.h. my whole life sp I'm pretty good outdoors but I do like to learn about are the essentials to have. I'll be watching all these old vids, thanks Richie

  2. if you put stones with iron content in them around the fire, they will warm up and hold the heat for a while- you can wrap them in heavy cotton bath towels and keep them next to you for warmth 😉

  3. Richie thank you for your survival videos. I'm single & caring for my 80 year old dad. I need this information for survival. I appreciate the waking up videos, and now that I'm awake I need to focus on how to survive. Much love to you & your Mrs & family

  4. Ritchie Please try to contact me Dave 203 767-4454.ct. GODBLESS! Cool start!! .just want to talk about real shit. And what is coming down the pipe soon. PSALMS 2. PS 22….Isa 53 ect GEN 6! What a Study!!! Peace out DL. Champ

  5. HAHA! Love your commentary mate, "Swedish steel, what'ever tha… fuck." Superb mate, keep up the good work, we need more like you. Good job on getting that started with all tinder from the woods too, not an easy task, especially in the snow.


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