MAKSAD – More To Life

Director of Photography (D.O.P.) – YFC Media
Mixing & Mastering – AMAN SAMUEL

This song is a part of the Campaign – JEELE TU KHULKE.
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There’s more to life than living
I wanna live this life again
Jesus came and died for you and me
To give us fullness of Life

RAP 1:
It’s funny how crazy our life is
Waking up late, how many alarms missed
Thinking we’ve gotta purpose, give me a bro-fist
Check your bucket list man, how many have you crossed and ticked
It is lit, that’s how we want our lives to be
Scrolling back and forth to your Instagram feed
It’s not your need
But that’s what matters nowadays
It’s a big booby trap, bro get out, it’s a maze
How do I look? Am I photogenic?
This filter makes me look so good, so don’t panic.. It’s magic
A feeling so unbelievably ecstatic
Kinda makes me feel like Jack from titanic
Get out man, it’s a trap so sad
No likes on Facebook kinda makes us mad
Young lads.. maybe they’re 15 years old
Deep inside have their mountains of stories untold
Giving up their lives.. Falling prey to depressions
Increasing rates of suicides having wrong relations
Deep inside there’s a longing in each one of us
Hoping to be accepted and to be loved
Young people struggling through pornography and lust
Escaping reality getting high on drugs
There’s more to life than all this man you can’t miss
We were all made for a purpose, find out and it’s a bliss!

RAP 2:
Kis maksad se rachaya tha parmeshwar ne
(God created us for a purpose)
Maksad ko jiya kam paap kiya saath mein
(We sinned together, rather than living that purpose)
Apni mahima karke aage badha insaan..
(Man kept on walking, chasing his own glory)
Naam kamaane laga karke bade bade kaam
(Made a name for himself, doing great things)
Baat sun! Fitrat meri or teri
(Listen! This is our very nature)
Iss jeevan jeene ke bhi hum bilkul layak nahi
(We don’t deserve to live this life)
Paap ki maafi mili
(We got forgiveness from our sins)
Yeshu ka pyaar itna bada.. sazaa-e-maut usne upar leli
(God’s love was so big that He took the punishment of death on Himself)
Jeevan hi kuch aisa uske pyaar ke hum layak nahi
(Living wretched lives, we don’t deserve His Love)
Chunaav hi aise ki bhai kya galat or kya sahi
(We make choices not knowing what is right or wrong)
Cool life hai bro.. ab jeene se hume kaun roke
(Life is cool! There’s no one to stop us from living)
Raat bhar nashe kya mile ghar waalo se alag hoke
(Getting high all night, being away from the family)
Aaj so raha hai.. tu kal ko jaagega
(You’re sleeping today.. but you would wake up tomorrow)
Thodi zindagi jee hoti.. ab fir mauka nahi milega
(You could’ve lived a little more, now you won’t get this opportunity)
Kitna stress tu jhelega?
(How much stress will you handle?)
Kal ki ladai, aaj ki maafi, dil ko halka kar wo zyada nahi sahega
(Yesterday’s rebellion, today’s reconciliation.. Lighten your heart, it won’t bear much)
Isiliye hi aaya bohotayat me jeevan paao
(That’s why He came, to give life in abundance)
Aaj mauka hai apne paapo se mud jao
(Today’s that chance, turn away from your sins)
Maafi milegi.. tujhe yeshu ka hai waada
(You will be forgiven! Jesus has promised to forgive you)
Khulke jeevan jeena hai ab tu karle ye iraada
(Resolve to live your life to the fullest)
Jeevan mein dost.. aur bhi aage jana hai
(Friend, in life, we gotta move ahead)
Jo ashishe usne di hai usko bhi pana hai
(Receiving the blessings that God has given you)
Jis maksad se yeshu ne banaya
(For the purpose God has created you)
Jeele tu khulke.. ab tujhe sabko ye batana hai
(You have to live to the fullest.. and tell it to everyone!)

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  1. IYFC Delhi team, i heard this rap song today on "Ek Nayee Zindagi" on CBN.
    By grace of God, Your lyrics made made me feel energetic and felt like Jesus Christ was around me.✝️


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