Now featuring the incomparable presence of Erling Haaland up top, Manchester City is rolling. Can FC Copenhagen stun Europe and earn a result in England?

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  1. finally grealish showing what he can do…. keep this going jack youll be in qatar….. grealish, foden, saka, kane, henderson, mount, etc…. if that team can get confidence and gel… and LET THEM play their natural game… england really have a great chance.
    …. so do denmark

  2. How come nobody watching his goal at min 1:05 at 0.25 slow motion you can see the ball was deflected by a a defender and he saw the ball coming and position himself and knew how to hit the ball with not much angle with the defender almost blocking the ball he shot it so clinical curling the ball to score an easy goal for him lol

  3. Haaland is the tallest oak on the pitch and defenders still manage to miss him! 😂

    As a Chelsea supporter, watching Haaland is like running to the coast to watch Godzilla rise out of the ocean. Bloody wanker.

  4. Thing I'm noticing about Haaland: he doesn't force things. If he can't take a touch or two to settle the ball and get his shot away, he's passing it and keeping the play moving, rather than trying to dribble someone in a tight spot. So not only does he score a lot, he doesn't waste opportunities out of greed. And look! He's got hella goals already. Ronaldo should take notes—I'm sure he has plenty of time on the bench 😉


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