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  1. Thank you for your videos Wayne… You were right to say that the Word is sharp sometimes, and it convicts us, and we do make a decision to embrace or reject Jesus and God's word. I pray for God's grace on my household, that not only I but my wife will be on fire with the Holy Spirit, and that we forsake the things of this world and keep our minds and hearts on God daily. Thank you for the inspiration, your preaching is a battle cry to my soul to fight with all my might to live for the Lord.

  2. Keep doing what you're doing brother Levi. We are walking with you as brothers and sisters in Christ. I too feel the time is getting close for the man of lawlessness to be revealed….stay close to Jesus my friends

  3. Amen there are a lot of people that need to wake up, some really think they are speaking to the Holy Spirit but what they are saying does not align with the Word of God. There is one woman who makes a lot of video's (will not name) who constantly bad mouths American churches and acts as though she is speaking on behalf of the Holy Spirit.

  4. exactly brother that fear comes from sin that still in a person once we lay it all down and we get right with God that fear melts away Hallelujah brother and our precious glorious father name Jesus thank you Jesus thank you God for making the way for us to get right with you to cleanse us from the Demonic parasitical infestation of a heart mind body soul to be freed so that we can walk into the kingdom of heaven and be freed from sin and all the darkness I rejoice in Your Glory Hallelujah amen we love you Jesus thank you brother I see you and I see Jesus moving through you I'm ready

  5. can u pray for me for my lustful eyes and masturbation addiction. Thank you God bless. Two days ago i told God to give me a dream. And that same night I had a dream of the new world order. Two years ago I had a dream of a lot of angels coming down from the sky they were like 7 or 8 ft height. One angel came up to me and i asked him if i was going with him and he said no. So yea…

  6. if you're crazy, Wayne. then I'm crazy, too. I pray to God everyday, to thank Him for all the blessings, and tribulations, and for all He does for me. I pray in Jesus' name, for all is made possible through Him. this world, my physical body, and all earthly possessions mean zero…with Jesus in my heart and soul, everything else is trivial. i still have a long ways to go to be worthy of God's grace, but, with prayer, repentance, and being thankful/mindful of His plan for me, i have faith that hell isn't in my future. Jesus is my Lord, and Saviour, and am not ashamed to proclaim my love for Him. peace <00>{

  7. I love your videos brothers but I do not fell in my heart that the tribulation will be in our life time, but if it does happen in my lifetime I will be ready and fighting with my fellow saints. I have no worries because I have accepted jesus as my savior. I live my life and I don't worry about when the world when end because I know I will be with the father when I leave this world. God bless you brother

  8. Levi, can you please talk about July 15 and 16 because their are 2 major events that will happen. One is about a Rage protest of BLACK LIVES MATTER IN MAJOR CITYS IN THE AMERICA. THE OTHER IS CHRISTIANS GATHERING IN WASHINGTON DC WHICH IS VERY SUSPISOUCE. God Bless you LEVI.

  9. We don't yet get what idolatry is. Colossians 3:5 "Covetousness, which IS idolatry."
    Covet-desire, yearn for, crave, have one's heart set on, want, wish for, long for, hanker,
    hunger after, thirst for. ALL the things Jesus would have us feel for the Father. It is adultery. Being mindful of the things we see, more than God. Jesus told us the pagans minds are filled with these, and these are being consumed with self preservation, survival entrusted only in ourselves. It will take a GREAT shaking to bring us back to that. As long as we can lean on the arm of the flesh-WE WILL! It's coming, to both great and small, very soon!


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