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  1. The beast that once was is the beast with the two horns modern day Babylon (America). The beast Nimrod(the hunter) the one who started pagan worship after the great flood. The one who built the tower of Babel into the heavens to claim himself as God. He the one that it is written about that will exalt himself over everything that is called God. The two horns are also beasts who once were pharaoh Akenaten( Barack Obama) & pharaoh Tutankhamun(Donald Trump). The Harlot is also a beast who once was Queen Nefertiri(Beyonce Knowles) Who is lust(Hades). The destroyer is also a beast who once was King Tiberius Claudius Nero Caeser( Pope Francis) the beast the Harlot rides upon him is (Death). Pope Francis is Apolyon the destroyer angel who is King over all who are proud. Nimrod is the Anti-Christ the God of Gold whom no one has known symbolic for the gold head on the statute in Daniels Prophesy for Babylon his Identity still remains a mystery. For he is waiting to be revealed at the proper time. Barack Obama is the Abomination that causes desolation ( Homosexuality). Donald Trump is the Accuser. Beyonce Knowles is the one who flatters and seduce those who have violated the covenant of peace with God( Temptation). The venom is Blood and water mixed; Lust or Temptation (Beyonce Knowles) who rides the beast and (Pope Francis) The Destroyer, the beast. The Beast is a Serpent the venom comes from the head that has a chamber on the right which is the Destroyer Chamber(Death;water); The chamber on the left is the Harlot chamber (Hades;Lust). The left is higher since; The Lust is blood and the destruction is water. The Harlot goes up in smoke for it is written they burn with Lust(so the Harlot rides on top of the beast); it is also written you will see her rising up in smoke forever. The Destroyer will himself be destroyed for it is written you will weep what you sow. For if you live by the Sword you will die by the Sword.The Spirit has revealed to me that Nimrod has plastic surgery done so he no longer looks the same so that his Identity may be revealed at the proper time. He will offer order out of chaos(World War) that the world is preparing for now. If you need any more evidence that these people are who I say they are then Google them and see the facial recognition for yourself. Romans 9:17 proves that God raised them up. God raised them up so that his power and name might be proclaimed in all the earth. Note that these are the same ones whom challenged God in the Bible. This is a warning to repent for it is the time of God wrath and Woe to those who do not Surrender. The end is near. Those who do not believe are without excuse because of the things that have been done and made. Donald Trump is the Accuser who rules over persecution. Barack Obama is the Abomination that rules over sin. Pope Francis is the Destroyer who rules over the proud. Beyonce Knowles is the tempter( Harlot) who rules over Lust. Nimrod is the one who rules over war. Peace be with you.

  2. Water baptism does need running water be it creek river bathtub with open faucet and drain etc. An outside tank with unmoving water is not right. Will Christ accept this one? Ask him or redo now.

  3. Should be baptized in the name of the Father, Son and the Holy Ghost or in the name of Jesus (Acts 2:38 & 19:5). Please Levi make a video and clarify this please. Thank you and God Bless

  4. im drinking right now pray the urge be gone i dont get DRUNK i get a good buzz but is it the same? i think so but the devil is strong here but i know christ is stonger i am a sinner and i am low. pray for me brothers and sisters to know understand and most of all to do the thing i should…i know that the world is so deep in sin that people dont even know the things they do are sin its so sad and indeed i am worst than they who be lower than i i know becuase i know better but yet my urge to masturbate and smoke and drink are real and i need help i pray but struggle for release plz help and pray much..any sugestions?

  5. If we were baptized as a kid do I need to be baptized again if iv had a long struggle falling back and forth with Christ and trying to get out of this way iv lived would I need baptized again

  6. No one goes to Heaven my brother. We go to sleep till judgment. The book of revelations says I will call my sheep they will know my voice. So show me a scripture that says heaven has a open door right now. This is why God's book says differently. This is why we are not to contact the dead, we can't talk to someone when they are sleeping. So what is answering back the familiar spirits. We are not to do this practice. Just like Lazarus Jesus said he was sleeping. Even Jesus slept for 3 eays. What makes us so special to go to Heaven????

  7. Amen… Very good video. I have a hard time, now, agreeing with most preachers because the last preacher that I knew kicked me out of his ministery for me allegedly being manipulative. When in truth I was just sharring my side of the story. Cause at the time I was about to be kicked out of my dad's house for quitting my job. But I always come back to this channel for positive studies.

  8. Amen Brother! ALL Religion is man-made, a relationship with our Father and Lord Jesus Christ is of God. Tons of folks go to church every weekend and that's where they are Christians. After that Christianity goes out the window for the rest of the week and they live for their selves which is in turn living for the devil. Just because I go and stand in my garage does not mean I am a truck, nor just because a person goes to a church building doesn't make them a Christian. Sadly 90% of people professing Christianity are nothing more than False Converts and I used to be one of them. They have Religion and not a true relationship with The Lord Jesus Christ. Jesus Himself asked, why do you call me Lord and do not the things that I say? We do not keep the Commandments, The Law in order to be saved, but we do keep the Commandments because we love Jesus Christ and want to please Him. Seems how Jesus told us to be baptized and so did all of His disciples, I reckon if we love Him, we oughta obey Him. Amen????????

  9. It's a good thing.And what your gonna do what the devil tells you to do.All things are command to do so there's a difference between the two.Ones a spiritual the other demonized.Everyone knowes right from wrong good from bad you would know.

  10. Nice video Wayne. Water baptism is important for sure. Especially if one realizes that in the Beginning God's Spirit "The Holy Spirit" moved upon the face of the waters, and by that action alone gave the ability of water to sanctify. Praise Jesus!


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