ADVChina talks about Voices of April (China’s Most Censored Video)

NASA Manned Spacecraft Center – A National Resource – 1960’s Film

Shanghai Locks Workers in Factories Amid Covid Scare

President Kennedy’s Speech at Rice University 1962

Watch Chinese astronauts training spacewalk in a deep “swimming pool”

Meet Wang Yaping, first woman taikonaut to enter China’s space station

Live: Special coverage of second class from China’s space station


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  1. Earth may be round or not, but it’s patently obvious to anyone paying the slightest bit of attention that our supposed space exploration is fake and likely a modern day Tower of Babel effort.

  2. the "naut" nautical aspect of astronaut, tyconaut, cosmonaut- never heard that before. Wow yes either dealing with maritime law, or the great goal of breaking thru the firmament to the waters above. As the actornauts ironically safely play their parts in studios. What a strange world.

  3. My thoughts r
    Because of the optics etc.
    That are going to have to ramp up stopping flat earth awarenesses because. Like the hundredth monkey theory, when enough ppl know it's flat. We won't believe anything.

    Many will not be able to break there programing!!!!
    It took years for me to go from believing it's flat to KNOWING it's flat.
    When that happened, ,,, I can't describe,, it's a growth I could never have gained without that perticular truth.

  4. What ever happened to Star Wars under Reagan? It was supposed to protect us from nuclear war by launching the Star War initiative to shoot down rockets from space. Just another scam like the so called ozone layer.

  5. It's interesting that the Chinese and Russians are basically replicating the same old 1970 "Hang upside down harness routine" but they don't land any of their citizens on the Moon. This of course would be ridiculous by now China and Russia would of had dozens of people landing there. It's 2022 we don't even new pictures or video from ground level of the Apollo 11 site!!

  6. I remember when Skylab crashed. Bob Barker was hosting some show, do not remember what, and they had a piece of the Skylab wreckage on stage with old Bob.
    As a young kid, I was not very impressed.

  7. It is funny, that on one had China is not buying into lies and hypocrisy of "collective west" and is not supporting America's proxy war in UA, while at the same time, it sits at the other extreme side of the scale, with its social credit score and so on. which in turn, is a great inspiration for that same "collective west" and 4th industrial revolution, led by WEF. 🤣

  8. Amen brother…Always a blessing to hear your thoughts, our thoughts,,, HIS thoughts!!

    God is sovereign and still on his throne, it's time to repent and trust in Jesus, that's what all this is about and culminating towards…Stages are being set,,, so that HIS stage and coming can finally happen!!


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