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  1. Brother! You did & kept preaching & warning people of God non stop! you did your part ! You are truly faithful servant of the lord I praise the lord about you! Brother! Still keep on this good work to the end ! There are people still who can listen to your teaching & can get benefited from it, I am praying for you and for the remnants , God bless you all!!!!

  2. This is the kind of preaching every church should be giving! Our church did have a study on revelations after asking for it for many years….our Pastor was not sure if it was a good idea but with repeated request it was offered and the class was well attended. It was unfortunate that as we were half through our church closed it doors to covid and the study never finished…then shorty after reopening our Pastor retired.

  3. I agree a 💯
    with you .
    He telling the truth.
    He not worried who going
    be offended about get your life
    right, with our Father.
    He's not worried about the purse.
    He did his job ,now it's own you.

  4. Alot of churches dont even preach the end times at all . Or anything some may consider scary I guess . I prefer this preaching style . Its honesty and its not beating around the bush . Its the straight truth from the word of God . Our soul needs this kind of teaching .

  5. Amen to this powerful real truth message 🙏 this pastor is preaching to us all..we all honestly need to hear this real choice message.Your right about this here brother Wayne we are in dir need of this..truth.we need to behave like children to this message.hugs and blessing for your channel messages.stay strong in the faith my your channel

  6. God does not send people to hell the sin that you serve is what sends yourself to hell from your own free will of choosing not to repent for hell was created for the sinful rebellious angels choices always have consequences


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