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On last night’s episode of The Ezra Levant Show, Ezra spoke to Mario Balaban, the media relations manager at Project Veritas. 

Ezra congratulated Mario on Project Veritas’ outstanding journalism. He asked him for his thoughts on their recent video which features a Pfizer director boasting about the company mutating the COVID-19 virus through what he called ‘direct evolution’. The viral video ends with the director having a meltdown after realizing he was being recorded the entire time.

Mario explained everything that was said in the video:

He very much knows what he’s talking about in detail, what is going on in terms of mutating the covid virus through what he calls directed evolution tries to say it’s not gain of function, although several doctors, including Dr. Malone, say they believe it is. And then, you know, we, you know, he also talks about the revolving door idea where, you know, Big Pharma and government are working hand in hand.

He went on to talk about the Pfizer employee’s reaction after he was exposed:

And I know that James O’keefe put those questions to him in the final encounter and showed the documentary evidence, but when he was finally confronted he said I’m just a consultant, I’m just a contractor, I’m not even a scientist, it was like he was trying to say ‘I’m not an important person, I couldn’t have meant it.’ And then the most insane thing was when he called himself a liar, he denounced himself half a dozen times as a liar.

The two discussed the theory that the Pfizer employee could potentially be a whistleblower and the possibility that his immense fear of being exposed is a fear of blowback from his superiors for sharing company secrets, and not from the reaction of the public.

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