This is problem, reaction, solution friends. The left and right media playing your emotions. Its scripted reality to keep US divided and take away more of our rights. Presidents aren’t elected. They are selected. Politics were created to keep US at war with each other while they continue their totalitarian plans. Left and right are the same Roman coin.

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Ordo Ab Cho is the Latin phrase for “Order Out of Chaos”. According to basic Illuminati or higher Masonic dogma, the New World Order will result after a period of choreographed chaos, which the state will probably implement through war and bloodshed. Masonic initiates who progress and ultimately attain the 33rd degree receive a jewel with the inscription “Ordo Ab Chao,” surrounded with three interlocking triangles.

Professor Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel, a Freemason and a political and social scientist at the University of Berlin (1817-1831), maintained that man could shape history and achieve ultimate peace only through repetitive episodes of controlled conflict between opposing forces. Hegel advocated the idea that men must create, manipulate and manage that conflict in order to create a pre-determined outcome – the controlled change, the synthesis.

Bible Prophesies Chaos Ahead – The present turmoil we find ourselves in is child’s play compared to the world upheaval just ahead as foretold in the Bible. And the four angels were loosed, which were prepared for an hour, and a day, and a month, and a year, for to slay the third part of men. Rev 9:15

Get your homes in order friends! Time is short! Jesus Saves! Follow Him!

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  1. **A Must Watch & Share Addition: George Floyd Hegelian Dialectic Divide & Conquer – Don't Fall For It! – **
    This is problem, reaction, solution at it's best. Both sides are in on it friends. Don't take the bait. If no one showed up to these events, there would be nothing but paid actors left. It's all a scripted show straight out of Hellywood. Obama and Trump people wake up! You are all being played. The whole worlds a stage and we are watching the scripted play role out. Love you all. Jesus Saves! Follow Him!

  2. Here in England , we have this crazy old woman who thinks she OWNS all the Rivers & trees in the country. She calls herself ' Queen ' ….she has a little hat & everything……….. Piss funny !😂😂😂😂😂

  3. I like it when he says thousands and thousands. I wish he would come to my house and give me a personal rendition so I can give him a standing ovation!


  5. When trump gave his rose gardens speech the day before yesterday, I pulled over, bow my head, and tears came down. He called for Martial law with using the actual words, and his followers dont see it.
    God help us. The world as we know it may be at its end.

  6. WHY WHY WHY? Why compare Trump to those Bush devils? Trump is anti NWO. You do compile some interesting videos, but I don’t agree with this one. Trump isn’t a part of the Deep State. Please, allow the correction and stop reporting untruth. May God open your eyes.

  7. It's all a big psyop to incite the people with destructive behavior, to use as a pretext to implement martial law. George Floyd is freemason of the 33rd degree or as of now, and i say "is" as in he is most likely alive since he was being initiated to the 33rd degree(32nd degree-33rd degree) and if he really is dead then it doesn't matter since the desired effect was achieved, which was to create strife, conflict, derangement, deeper resentment, anger, subsequently bringing chaos and destruction. Derek chauvin is also a mason, what degree ? I'm not sure. The 3rd degree Masonic ritual involves staging a death laying flat and being kneeled over and playing dead. The location of this 3rd degree murder / 3rd degree Masonic ritual was on 38th street, next to a garbage can with 666 on it. The photo of George Floyd in front of a store front with a Corona light sign partially/potentially performing the masonic hidden hand gesture. His chest tattoo appears to be a Masonic symbol as well. It is the double headed phoenix(not Eagle) which symbolizes resurrection out of ashes(destruction). It also represents dualism. The phoenix is synonymous with the notorious masonic phrase "Ordo Ab Chao" Latin for Order From Chaos. Also, worth to mention that Floyd was driving an ml320 Mercedes,the "officers" car number was# 320, Minneapolis, Minnesota could also be initialed as MM such as the term "Master Mason" or flipped sideways for 33. Masonry consists of 32 or 33 degrees depending upon fraternity. That explains the 32 and 33. Officers were filmed with ear pieces breaking windows in the beginning of the rioting as well as wearing police issue tactical gear. Not to mention fitting the description of the infamous umbrella man conspiracy and the correlation of Corona with the umbrella corporation. The umbrella Caucasian man who started the Minneapolis riots whom most likely is insider(chaos agent). That also ties into the 666 as microsofts patent to utilize body heat to harness digital currency, wo-2020-060606, let's not forget ID2020 too or the track record of Gates and vaccinations , just know they're correlated and working together towards an end game. It's no coincidence "they" ——->(Luciferian Elite) played this card in the year of 2020 since it represents Transition and Duality. Transition Gates Ending. The Divide,The Twins, New Age, New beginning, New World. The tale of the twins in the twin city, which ironically parallels Charles Dickens work in A tale of two cities, set during the moments leading to the french revolution and the reign of terror, it was also during summer. There is also a constant appearance of the number 2, particularly in multiple of 2 or set's of 2. Notice how all this coincidentally took place right before life was to allegedly reopened and back to assemblance of normalcy, and it all just happens specifically in the time of gemeni a period of tension coupled with peace. Masses participate in the ritual. George Floyd has the numerology the number of 2, he has 2 daughters and one long lost son by the name of Quincy MASON Floyd. 38th St. has a numerology of 11(3 + 8+=11) or twins. Twin city. Also former NBA player Stephen Jackson refers to George as his twin, note Stephen Jackson is also a freemason. Jackson's father was also a freemason, he made a post on instagram on April 17, 2016 Where he states that he's fathers freemason brothers of the 33rd degree gave him something to cherish. "My dads gear".( Masonic Garments). There is also a picture of him in the company of floyd throwing up their triple 6's, flossing their alleagiance to you know who. Then you also have Ex-NFL player Larry Johnson claiming that George Floyd was sacrificed by freemasons/satanic group. Did you guys know that George Floyd and Derek Chauvin were co-workers? Yep! Both employed by the same employer, El nuevo rodeo club, right beside the 3rd precinct which is the focal point of the riots. Most cops are but a component of this grand conspiracy, all high ranking cops are freemasons its a requirement if you want to move up the ladder. I do believe there is insider agents from local to nationwide heck even international. Stop Falling For The Same Dualistic Paradigm Of Controlled Opposing Forces And Theatrics That They Enact. Hegelian Dialectic Tactics, Have A Set Of Premeditated Underlying Intentions/motives, Create A Thesis, In Response An Anti-thesis Will Become Apparent, And Finally Amalgamate Opposing Forces To Present A Synthesis. Wake up Brother for we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places. Ephesians 6:12 KJV.

  8. Benefits of outcome for the bad guys:
    1. Martial law
    2. Destroy small business and stores that they own
    3. Destroy own equipment (cop cars)
    4. A quick mental oppression release so the masses feel liberated and are not reminded that you are still a prisoner at your house(distractions)
    5. Conditioning to see military on the ground and practice drills on the soft democratic sponsored event so they can take over the city quicker
    6. Conditioning you so the only vote you have to pick is the right boot on your throat instead of the left
    7. Keep you in fear so you think gov. Is necessary and the fact is gov. Has never been in time or stopped any war period
    8. Make it easy to clean up the dead bodies and force vaccine in November, this is why there here
    P.s. don't forget the snake poem


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