Planned full-scale disaster drill tests Central Florida’s emergency services’ readiness – April 12, 2018

ORLANDO, Fla. — Hundreds of first responders and volunteers spent Thursday morning simulating a disaster response situation.

Fake mass casualty incident in Central Florida
More than 500 volunteers involved
Tested response for first responders and hospitals
The exercise took place at multiple hospitals throughout Central Florida.

More than 500 volunteers, mostly students, helped first responders and hospitals by getting unique “injuries” added by makeup artists to correspond to the planned disaster.

Some of the scenarios are mass stabbings, shootings and other terror-style incidents that have occurred recently here in the U.S. and around the world.

More than a dozen hospitals in Orange, Lake and Seminole counties took part. The effort is to make sure they are prepared if a similar real event were to happen.

“It could happen within a nano second. It’s really prudent for us to practice what we are about to do. Because if it does happen, which it very well could, we want to save as many lives as possible,” explained Eric Alberts, an emergency manager with the Orlando Health Hospital System.

The disaster response simulation ran through noon Thursday.
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  1. make more babies gona need more cannon fodder and tax payers for the smart weapon future. Ask not your nation can do for you , but how many babies can help your nation meet its yearly human sacrifice quota.

  2. These mass causuly drills are not all precursors of horrible things to come. Every hospital needs to have its emergency or they will have unnecessary chaos in a real event. Life or death chaos at that. I live in an area with 2 trauma level 3 Hospital and 6 others within a 10-mile radius. High school students play the victims and you have to have a blood and bandages for triage reasons. The trauma hospitals have to discharge or transfer the remaining patients. The smaller hospitals are used as receiving hospitals. Transportation is a major factor in being successful in all of this. It's Criminal to have a hospital and not have an emergency plan of action. The huge events have to be well coordinated because so many hospitals and workers are involved. Some of this training is going into effect when my small hospital had to be evacuated because we are on the water. Not everything you see is a conspiracy.

  3. These are all staged but it has many layers, an important one is prophecy and cardinal law. Many fractals, gos very deep, how far can you look into a Mandelbrot set? but for starters just know that this is all in scripture and ancient text, also on cave walls with hands reaching to the sky .
    It’s a separation of the wheat from tares. Just knowing the deception won’t get you to wheat, but it’s a jumping off point, thank the Lord you’re not one of the 99.999999% left behind deceived watching Fox News as if it were reality. Know you’re seeing through this for a reason, you’re being called out of the belly(Florida’s case would bee a leg or foot on a macro scale. Lol) of this beast system that is wrapped around most so tightly it’s anchored in. Even the name Hogg was meant to slap you in the face , that you were in a certain period of time , and the deceived , terrorized, etc are all swine. We see through it and are NOT terrorized, bc we know. Doesn’t mean you can’t get stuck on the conspiracy theory level and never find the narrow path .
    Love your work and people are waking up thanks to channels such as this on the right side, the light side!
    Once you open your eyes , you still have to get up shower walk run and live in truth.
    I hope this might help one or two that are new, if you’re just starting to see through walls, my 1st move would be to realize that their is no such thing as 2 party system, free vote, and everything you see on the Tel Lie Vision Pro Graming is a stage show meant to keep you locked up in 3 dimensions, or worse being some black matter floating in limbo 2 dimensional space feeding off what you used to be!
    Keep it simple, forgive the wicked, you don’t have to forget it, but we should be able to transcend all of the deceived with ease if we’d ever get on the same page .
    I think that’s why they throw it in your face so often because they know and most are more spiritual than the masses they know they have us locked in a cage and what do 99% of seven people do they don’t try to escape ! No, they to start beating each other with bats; so to speak. Or bitching about what the democrats or republicans(who don’t exist) did.
    Thanks for all your work and research

  4. Thanks brotha. Yep def watch out for any gov planned drills for sure. We all know thats when they only do these mass killings of innocent people. Truely sick people with no heart and soul. Just pure darkness these people are. Parents ask your school to let you know days in advance when schools have these drills and keep your kids home that day. These sickos arent playing anymore.

  5. Potus's Twitter MEME: Coincidence # 17 Iraq, Syria, and Iran? Iraq Liberation Act of 1998 (Bill Clinton, H.R. 4655); Public Law 114-(*)17, 129 STAT. 211 of, May 22, 2015 signed by Obama; and, THE COUNTERING IRAN'S DESTABILIZATION ACTIVITIES of 2017 ( S. 722 and H.R. 3364)

  6. The question is…why Florida? What's the significance? From "geostorms" to false flags, even the success stories and scandals of several rappers from the same county (broward), what is going on in Florida?

  7. Please keep my family and I in your prayers brothers and sisters. We all live in Orlando and Sanford. Yah bless you all. You are in my prayers

  8. They more than likely show things like this to other countries making them think it was a real attac from another country ..and vice versa …who knows what is,real anymore with all the reception in this price of crap world ..

  9. We call false flag so much that they made one to show the sheeple to say "see silly sheeple THIS is what a faked event looks like" yeah suuuuure it does msm. The work of satan is to confuse and deceive. And the sheeple will be pleased with this prepping. They'll say more lies please I'm almost done with the last one you fed me.

  10. Anyone near or in a hospital. RUN! STAY AWAY!!! These drills kills people…research All the drills that have been staged before and eventually something SERIOUS happens.


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