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  1. Pastor, have you heard about The experts on birds do not understand why 172 types of predatory birds have migrating to Israel? I heard it on a sermon by pastor Jim Hammond Living word Christian center. Title of you tube video is: Prophecies, Signs, and Events of the End Times III – Jim Hammond

  2. Think it was Christmas eve or Christmas day. Right near my home I almost had two head on collisions. Thought, "well someone's trying to take me out , but it didn't."

  3. Im serious, what part of that crash is deemed worthy of spiritual enhancement and or guidance, not a one.. we get this news 24-7 what part of your ministery is giving to the 1000000 being killed by gidless ppl aroind the world? None! We just had the mainstream media produce footage of this crash, now tell me about 100000 ppl being persecuted for being Christian and not an accident on highway 66

  4. I use to drive Semi alot of truck drivers die of heart attacks while driving than any other time !
    But seriously crashes happen all the time some we hear about most we don't!
    If its Mechanical if can fail !

  5. We were driving in at night on I 80 nine days ago from Ohio to PA, and the roads were as bad as they get, (ice and wild, heavy snowfall ) and the highway signs were flashing that there was a major crash way down the highway about an hour from where we were exiting near Clearfield PA and it turned out that there was a 60 car/truck pileup near Lewisburg, PA with 2 people killed and 46 sent to hospitals. So sad.

  6. Maybe someone needs to hear that. I want to be honest with you.. I was absolutely terrified and I never felt so incredibly frightened in my life no evil thing could hold a match to how his presence felt. The wood in my fires place and flame was immediately a red I can not understand

  7. He’s coming quicker than people think. Gotta warn the church about what he told me two years ago when he said that he was going to give the grace period two years later and he said be at the airport at gate 19 with boarding pass. I then heard David Wilkerson ghost voice say in one hour everything will change in time square

  8. Yes he’s coming. Pastor Paul can you please give the church the message that happen this past week tornado Alabama firefighter bible found untouched and the part of scripture that was open about acts 13


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