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Actor, comedian, and author Matthew Perry joins Bill to discuss his best-selling memoir, “Friends, Lovers, and the Big Terrible Thing.”

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  1. Rich ppl. Problems.
    B4 the comments come.
    A non-rich person would be dead. No ECMO? machine for them.
    Fk him and all his self inflicted problems.
    It's assholes like him that make it hard for poor, LEGITIMATE,chronic, severe pain sufferers who FOLLOW THE RULES and have no addiction problems, to find and maintain treatment (read PILLS) from Drs. whose hands are often legally tied now because of said behavior.
    I have incurable spinal trauma/disease.
    Thanks a lot all you assholes for making my miserable condition even more so.

  2. What MORON leaves drugs like that in a medicine cabinet??? You gotta hide all that shit. Anything that "feels good" needs to be hidden in a bizarre location, so much so, YOU forget where the fuck your stash is. And a deadbolt on every single door in the house.

    Or am I the only idiot that had the good fortune of having junkie siblings to teach me this valuable lesson?

  3. What an awful thing to say to someone fighting addiction "You tried to die" No, he wasn't trying, he was fighting to stay alive. Some times Bill Maher can be a terrible interviewer. I will still watch his show but some of his comments/questions are lessons in what not to say to someone

  4. It's wild to watch Friends and know how much "Chandler" the funniest guy is actually is so much pain. Season 3 when he lost so much weight especially. I also remember magazines mocking him calling him "the fat friend" when he got bigger, he was struggling and still was able to make us laugh…

  5. Our society is strange. People care deeply about a man who they have never met who played a character on a TV show. What about the average Joe or child who is fighting for their life with cancer?

  6. Thrilling, I would agree that that turning out to be more OK with reality comes from self-guideline after an extensive stretch of conditioning.self-made man make out closes however all credits to Perry…

  7. Coffee affects perception of reality. Breathing does. What does not? Reality is not a firmament. More of a nebulous mutable veil. And addiction is basic hand to mouth disease …. We’re pleasure seeking pigs. Some of us anyway. That tan looks good on you! Just for today I’m going to be kind to myself yet remain disciplined and vigilant.

  8. Is there an upcoming interview with some of the people who went through withdrawals or worse without the painkillers he stole? The wife probably blamed the husband. The husband blamed the wife. How many relationships suffered through his rampage? And we’re giving him the limelight?

    Sure, addiction sucks. But it sucks more for the people you’re stealing from.

  9. Something that matthew havent acquired yet. Dude is only famous for doing the fifth most important character on friends and thinks he can talk shit on keanu

  10. Odd that everyone sees his story as amusing, but it encapsulates the lack of morality among people in Hollywood. They are not able to see how wrong their actions are and the impact that their lifestyle may have on millions of fans who see them as role models.

    And Maher loves to tell that he uses drugs as if it were something silly. It isn’t. If it’s cocaine and cannabis, I’d suggest him take a flight to Venezuela to see the real impact of his financing of the international drug trade. I bet he pretends to be disgusted with poor workers in Apple stores in Asia, but he doesn’t feel the same with miserable people in places where drugs are produced.

  11. After many stints in rehab, the Friends star shared he almost died at age 49 when his colon burst from opioid overuse. He explained to PEOPLE he spent two weeks in a coma and five months in the hospital. In addition, he had to use a colostomy bag for nine months. well god damn

  12. ¨Waiting for the man" is actually a song by Velvet Underground ( I know, I know – mr. petty smart-ass here. Just drove me crazy haha)
    I all seriousness: I am so happy to see Matthew smiling and healthy. He's a intelligent, witty man with a huge heart. Seems to be quite rare phenomenom in this business. Not even a huge Friends fan but I have always routed for the guy. I live in Europe and we are actually having severe shortage of medicine because of the war in Ukraine. I was taken off clonazepam prescriped for a rare neurological disease just because you can't get the stuff anywhere. Cold turkey after +10 years of taking it. The withrawall is hell . Never have experienced anything like this and have much more respect for addicts that go through rehab. He must have gone through this times a million or something. Just the thought is scary.
    Slava Ukraini! Slava Matty! Keep up the good work!
    And fuck Putin for taking my meds ffs 😀

  13. Saw this interview and then read the book. So happy that Matthew Perry has made it and on his way to recovery. He says God helped him, but I reckon he had fame and wealth on his side coz without all that help which costs a heap of money, I feel certain he would not have made it.


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