A vid on the stuff I carry in my maxpedition sabrecat, its modified with blackhawk suspenders, a tikka xp2 and m5 waistpack. ALso a rivers west h2o blanket.



  1. great vid…. wanted to let you know about a small local preparation group. it's called north shore preparedness network can be found in groups on fb with actual meetings in Saugus ….if you're interested next meeting is on June 6…. you can contact me or the group..

  2. Hi Richy (?), nice pack that you have there with quality components! But as you say at the end, you definitely need something to boil water with! I've never seen these "fuel survival pellets" you showed and couldn't find any information about them – so most likely I misunderstood you and got the name wrong 🙂 And nice bike, I have seen that one before, but wasn't sure if it's any good – so please, make a video about it, it would be highly appreciated!! All the best, Michael


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