This is a quick video on some of the items I carry everyday, Beides the SOG pentaogn elite and leatherman wave and fenixLD41 that I wear on my belt at all times.
I would appreciate some THUMBS UP on this one.



  1. Good thing to know, if you have (or develop like I did) a latex allergy you'll want to make sure the gloves are nitrile and the band aids are a latex free brand. Great kit! (Nothing like suddenly having trouble breathing while out and using your emergency supplies.)

  2. For some reason, I can't reply back to your messages. But Yes, I would be very interested…keep me posted. Hope you don't mind an
    > "old man" in the group! You can see me on my channel @ Wafflepack. Thanks
    > for the invite!!

  3. Great Video Brother, I learned some stuff from watching it…Thanks for that. It's good to see a Boston boy on You Tube, I live and was raised in Mattapoisett, down towards the cape, and I love your accent, thinkin' you might be from Southie….. I'm Irish, and spent some time there and love the fellow Irishman,(and, Woman). Keep making these videos,I am actually learning some new tricks, as opposed to many of the EDC-Organizer videos out there.

  4. I have a fatty and ALL of those doo-dads and widgets … Even the GOAL ZERO ADVENTURE and E05 , Wingman, etc. It has become a heavy, bulky collection of junk that I rarely take with me and it is too expensive to leave in the (and I ride busses and my e-Bike, anyway. I am re-thinking all this, for the 10th time. What is REALLY important ?? … how much redundancy is ridiculous ? The day may come when I would trade that 3rd Leatherman for a Snickers bar, a decent first-aid kit, H20 filter >

  5. Link still didn't work mate, so I come to your vids instead! Lovely kit you got there. Stuffed that fatty right out. I love the Boston accent, some of the southern accents can be grating (for me) watching, but your's ain't, so nice one haha! That infectaguard hand spray is also excellent for fire lighting, throw some sparks from your fire-steel on it! Great stuff. Be good to make that Bandanna blaze orange for signalling too. I like the way you have MY insect wipes in there too ; ) Good kit mate


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