MC Jin – Over The Edge ft. Dawen music video.

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The upcoming album features 16 new unreleased exclusive songs from FLAME, Andy Mineo, Json, Sho Baraka, MC Jin, Skrip, Propaganda, Rhema Soul & more.

Director: Hosanna Wong
Producer: The Great Company

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  1. Im not that religious but through this song its kinda made me have a reconnection if you will with God ive realised hes someone too turn too in my darkest hours thanks for bringing me back to the light Jin and im glad Im starting to have faith again

  2. God bless ya brother, great job on this song. Its deep. I love it. If you ever want ideas, lol, I actually have some deep lines I can throw your direction. Pray you continue doing what God has you doing. Please check out prophecy updates/alerts twitter Godlivelifefor and also, your song was totaly enjoyed.

  3. God or Jesus doesn't have to be in the song to minister to put. God is not mentioned once int eh book yet its speaks of Jesus. God is all around even when you can't see Him. Every good gift and perfect gifts comes from Above from Father of Lights …James 1:17

  4. jin you are truly anointed to use your words man I needed this I been feeling like giving up but just can't seem to go through with it no matter how much I mess up thank dawg stay up bruh


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