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QR Codes – Quantum Dots – RFID Tattoos & The Coming Mark – https://youtu.be/cayXwUICyqE

Colony – NWO Programming For EMP’s, Fake Alien Invasion, Martial Law & One World Religion Coming Soon! https://youtu.be/JYDC47BFNr8

We’ve All Been Hoodwinked & Bamboozled! – https://youtu.be/ONe1LyesrHI

5G & Nanodust = Mass Control of Humanity – https://youtu.be/WWZuVfvqF0c

A Cure For Wellness – Hard Truth Hidden In Plain Sight – https://youtu.be/lqbNbFomwPI
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  1. Hegelian Dialect… Problem, reaction, solution. They want to do something they know we'll balk at so they create a problem to make us react so they can give us the solution which is the πŸ‚πŸ’© they wanted to do to begin with.

  2. Read the Book "What Really Makes You Ill" by Dawn Lester and David Parker. The Germ theory is a hoax. Viruses and other so called "Germs" are not the cause of illness. But this religious belief of the people is now used to cause them to receive an experimental RNA-Vaccine, with unforeseen potentially deathly consequences.

  3. Don't these politicians ever get tired of lying! I'm tired of their lies. A VACCINE that has been developed in months is safe. I don't think so there is not one vaccine that is out there that works with out harming people. They can stick that vaccine in themselves. My trust is Yeshua not man. When has the government done anything that had not cost lives and lively hood.

  4. The devil walks among the son's of man and it has become increasingly clear that we are living in the last day's because we are watching the fulfillment of the book of revelations right before our very eyes on a daily basis. Hopefully our Heavenly Father will have mercy on us and send His son back sooner rather than later otherwise I don't believe humanity will survive if God delays the return of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. The vaccine is a tool that will be used to kill and genetically alter the human genome and by doing so we will no longer be natural human beings but something else entirely different then what our God created us to be. I will not be vaccinated and I will not submit to there evil plans. For as long as I have breath in my lungs I will fight the good fight and I will not surrender my rights to remain human to this corrupt and evil government and if this government tries to force violence against me then I will respond in kind because it's better to die then let them take my God giving rights away from me.


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