The stars of Tyler Perry’s new politically charged drama, The Oval, offer an inside look at what to expect from the new first family in the White House.


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  1. Is Barry Hallson the character adopted or switched by birth because he doesn't have similar characteristics from the mother nor the father! Is he a foster child abopted by his parents!

  2. Worse Tyler Perry show ever! The best thing to possibly come from it is Ruthless This is a bad long version of drawn out of lines being repeated Which 98% of Tyler's TV show keep saying the same mess over and over and over and over and over My bad I was reading from on of his scripts🤔🤣🤣 This is the wackiest family and they in the White House🤔 The Wife Daughter and Son are the worse actor I have seen in a long time No signs of renewal or canceling Scrap that Hot Mess JS 🤮

  3. This show is all over the place and is really damn near 100% negative… i mean it really leaves a downward energy .. all of the characters, well most of them are really just one dimensionally designed. Mostly grotesque if im being honest

  4. There is enough tv drama reality shows maybe the young viewers like it but but not muture audience. I think the show is to over acted to unreal show to phony. Tyler lets do better!! 😔

  5. You know–I had a tough time chewing "Sistas", but after six episodes I really got into it which led me to this show. Fantastic acting! And I love how there is plenty of diverse sexuality.

  6. I like Tyler. But his new shows always require revamping after the first few episodes. The Oval charaters acting is terrible. But that is not unusual. I still can't through one episode of The Oval. The Sistas is a modern day Girlfriends but younger. I believe the both shows will be short lived on BET. The president's wife on the Oval, is a scary looking version of Veronica Harrington.


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