In this episode of Men’s Round Table, the fellas sit down and discuss how dating apps can be easy to use, especially when traveling but the authenticity of meeting someone is sometimes missed.

Men’s Round Table, hosted by Brandon Bryant @Wallstreetpaper, features black men of differing ages and relationship status weighing in on everything love and relationships, from dating apps to commitment and marriage.

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  1. These ppl in the comments “he’s young he’s young” he’s young & wise. Y’all just mad cause you old and almost dead. Nobody wanna be old. You had to reach 30 & 50 to learn things you can learn in your 20’s??? Stfu you females

  2. Yea not for me! A bunch of weirdos on these apps killing women or luring single women to get to their kids. I’ve tried and met a few all creeps so that’s all it took for me done done

  3. Dating online is wayyyy better than dating in person. You have more options AND better quality of men. You can find exactly what you're looking for instead of wasting your time.

  4. I think you can meet the right person anywhere but dating apps sometimes mean that men and women will talk to multiple people online but never take it offline. I think as long as you try to meet in person as soon as possible to know whether it’s worth a second date or not, there’s a chance of things working out. I’ve met an ex on eharmony and we went on a date after 3 conversations. I was on another site where the men just wanted to talk but no intention of going on a date. Some even said it would be costly to go on dates. I prefer the idea of a man approaching me and pursuing me in a regular environment like a supermarket where I’m dressed casually but 1 in 3 relationships these days start online so it shouldn’t be ruled out.

  5. Men!!! Fuck these dating apps. Focus on yourself and your purpose in life then organically you're going to meet women. Dating Apps can be useful but now the dating app world has become convoluted. These chicks be having 4 to 5 dudes lined up and your just waiting for a chance to have a bite at the Apple. F all that! Work on self-preservation, stay on your grind and your purpose in life . Trust me ! the women will come in abundance .

  6. I don’t think dating on an app is the way to go. I’ve tried it a few times and every time I got bored pretty quickly and would rather meeting someone in person but when he said she met her guy on an app and he’s a billionaire he got me changing my perspective 🤣🤣🤣 nooo gold digger hate on me replies please 🙄🙄🙄😂😂😂 of course saying what I just said was very gold diggery but it’s like hearing someone say until they went down to so and so beach they never found a box of free puppies. I’ll be on that same beach the next day hoping I find some free puppies 😂😂😂 it’s natural for humans to want the same “luck” of someone else’s luck. Doesn’t mean it’ll happen obviously but nothing wrong with wanting it too✌🏽

  7. Dating apps give you the opportunity to meet someone you may never have met. But it also can lend to not giving someone a chance because you have way too many people to choose from. Either way it takes time to get to know someone.

  8. Well if you’re going to rely on God then you have to do anything. That means you don’t have to go work for the school for that matter. Da Vinci you’re immature and previously I heard you say all women look the same, well what about you? Do you have the typical wanna be cool look at the earring in each year which is lame and outdated.

  9. I've learned about the dominance hierarchy and pre selection. Men persue, but women ultimately select. I believe being on these online dating platforms after extended period of time, actually hurts your masculinity. Men , we gotta know our value and worth at all times.

  10. Dating apps is porn for women. As a dude you can have success on it, but the nature of it destroys the minds of women using it.

    They tend to continue the conversations that provide the most stimulation and if the stimulation stops they simply talk to someone else. This creates a huge disconnect from the get go, as people are looking for ideas as opposed to actual people.

    I no longer have long term intentions when on dating apps, because the prospects there want stimulation as apposed to solid foundations.

  11. The two gentlemen to the right are coming from a place of tradition. I appreciate that. People can put whatever spin they want on apps…they are speed dating . Lets just keep it 100. Do you as long as no one is hurting people nor misrepresenting


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