I researched all this stuff over 2 yrs ago, but here it is for anyone that has never seen it. also refer to nasa’s appleman chart which absolutely proves chemtrails are a real entity.
Richie from Boston

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  1. Hey Richard can you help me out I got a late bloomer here and I need to find some information out on the chemtrails do you remember or know the name of a group that was going around state-to-state that was a scientist a pilot a doctors a nurses chemistry doctors excetera excetera they was going around educating people on what these Chemtrails was in the findings that they found out with their own studies of what was in them chemtrails I cannot find them anywhere to save my life please help brother thank you for all your hard work.. I am looking for the name of that group and maybe help me find their link on the website

  2. Go to Library of Congress online. Search for Weather Modification. It is not hidden.
    Few really want to know the truth. Denial and lies are more comfortable. Head in sand is optional to your peril.

  3. blocking are sunlight and vitamin D .tired of seeing it .the pilots will have to answer to the Lord also.what a shame to think were all dume .you may trick the SHEEPLE but not us of God .we live in the WORD not the world .spraying is genocide period.

  4. Thanks for the lesson RFB. I started trying to understand the technology and Evil science of " Genocidal Weather Control " about 6 years ago. Every so often some dedicated person will show up with more of this Forbidden knowledge. I soak it up. In 2013 I took a class in Meteorology, and so I understand how the Atmosphere is supposed to work. Degrees in Geology and Engineering Electronics help a lot too. Thanks again for the info and your dedication to what you do.

  5. OK yes your right BUT the "contrail's" your talking about can ONLY take place at Or Above 30,000 ft these chemtrails we see from horizon to horizon Are NOT those because these are made up of Oxide's of Metal like Strontium Barium Aluminum and many other's and seem to be being sprayed much lower in altitude some don't look like they are much more than say 7500 ft to around 10,000 ft these also morph out and will consume a blue sky turning it into a gray murky mess …But We think they made the selection for media being used because of what the Multi-functioning Nexrad Doppler output high power RF used to generate vortex and steer weather event's along a certain front .. it's the make up of all the Oxide's of metal's and there reaction to the RF power output from the Tower's that actually push & steer weather event's and these are computer controlled from a single console to give them coast to coast weather control from the Wet surface cooling tower plant's that massive amounts of water vapor that are clearly seen being produced in a timed cycle like links on a chain you can watch them working from Space satellites ….and anyone with even remotely clear eye's can tell when they release these timed vapor generation's in mass the effect's it has adding so much fuel to weather events …

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