Brief Articles covering the recent protests and uprisings in Israel. End times Events.
Syrian children head for Israeli border. Damascus: 13 dead, 150 injured

Hundreds of Palestinians clash with IDF in West Bank Naksa Day protest

Israeli troops kill protesters as they near Golan border

“Naksa Day” Rioters Near Majdal Shams Are Warned Not to Breach Border

Security forces on high alert for ‘Naksa Day’,7340,L-4078224,00.html

Tel Aviv: Thousands rally in support of Palestine,2506,L-4078157,00.html

Israel-Syria border clash ‘troubles’ US

Calm returns to Israel-Syria border after day of deadly violence



  1. I did take it up with God who told me that Israel has no land rights that God's intent is that we should all cooperate and share land and resources. He said humans made up his comments and he will deal with those that claim ownership of land and kill others for it in the afterlife. He made me understand that he IS NOT PLEASED.

  2. Only those who deny the truth within themselves, deny that Jerusalem is the true Capitol of Israel, which has been the land of the Jewish people since the time of Abraham & Jacob. Many have sought to destroy the Jews, placing them in exile, off and on for millennia. We all know this truth in our hearts, yet many deny this, like they deny Christ. truth is written in the hearts of man. It is that voice we deny when we do wrong, and testifies the truth, in the form of conviction, we must not deny.

  3. whoa! There is NO such thing as "Israel occupied territory". The land BELONGS to Israel, given to them by God. If you have a problem with that take it up with the Almighty! Maranatha!

  4. Soon a true understanding of Israel will unfold. Our Father has always used the Jewish people to fulfill his desires. Their disobedience has been a big part of what happens. I believe there's a big difference between a Torah Jew and a Talmudic (Zionist) Jew. This is important to ;understand. Seek and you will find. HINT:Let his blood be on us and our children.

  5. Oh yay!! I havent even watched the video yet and I'm super excited. I always love your videos and look forward to watching it right after writing this comment. I literally would search for a new video from you at least three or four times a day!! Much love and God bless you!!!

  6. Awasome Video!!!! Very key/important/comforting words that you shared at the end of the video! When Jesus does come back, il see you in heaven! 🙂

  7. We know that Israel is where it's all going to happen. It was written. Why is the question? I know this is where Jesus Christ was and that's where he died and rose again. Who killed him? Vengeance is mine said the Lord. Think and pray hard to understand this. Let His blood be upon us and our children. All hail the Grace of our Lord Jesus Christ. His perfect redemption be done. God's will, not ours–right?

  8. No country in the world can overwhelm its limits! How stupid must people be to join it? Nobody needs to complain when you get injured or even killed. Many countries have been regarded as the declaration of war, when hundreds or thousands try to storm the borders!


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