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  1. I see it in Montana quite a bit. the first time I seen it . Half of the sky looked like it was broad daylight and the other half of the sky was Pitch Black. The craziest thing I've ever seen in my life. I did not have my phone with me so I couldn't take a picture.

  2. I seen it here in Florida a week ago still saw the blue sky!! Freaked me out!! Also I've seen the sky look like a dimmer switch brighter then darker it's wierd like someone playing with a dimmer switch

  3. I was walking my dog a few months back one night. There was a luminous green light low down in the sky. I thought maybe there was an event happening and it was flood lights. But we walked a few miles and couldnt find a source.

  4. AT LAST! I missed this video and was asking all over YT about this phenomenon. I posted this story around 7 – 8 times. all without any response. I will tell it again. Around 2.30 – 3am during the Summer we had a lighting storm (without thunder or rain) which I watched from my attic window (faces North / North West) as it was so dramatic. I craned my neck around the dormer and I could see that the Southern sky looked like the Sun was rising. It was so bright that it looked like it could appear at any moment over the horizon. Now, there are no cities or any towns of any size to the South of us at all. The next area of land of any size in that direction would be Brittany in France. So wtf was it? I never noticed it before and have never seen it since after making several trips to the window at around the same time. The fact I had NO responses at all made me wonder if my posts were being deleted. Let's hope you get this one. I thought I should share it.

  5. let's start a March. ..literally and March straight across the country to the gates of the white house and demand action then March to all the sadistic sick twisted sob that fund this that organize this and start a protest keep them from leaving their property. .martial law their ass into submission

  6. LOL at them censoring protocols of Zion, OF COURSE THEY ARE! I'm sure the zionist elites own Youtube just like those money grubbing whores own every other godforesaken thing on the planet. They clearly don't want anyone to know their playbook! Which they make sure to tell you is a TOTAL hoax after all, yeah right. I've never read it but I've heard that everything they planned to do is exactly what has happened, and I'm SO SURE that that is purely coincidence.

  7. Many cloudy nights and days here. Nights make it warmer, but not the days. It pushes averages up so it looks like its getting global warming. But that is misunderstanding. I hardly see stars here. A few days per year.

  8. I go out with my dog every night at three o clock in the morning and I c a clear sky all over but before approaching dawn I can clearly that it is being chemtrailed to fuck I apologise for bad language but it annoys me when I know I cannot even talk to people I grew up with about this because I I need them for certain things I've yet to get but I would just be labelled as a nut I know because they have done it to others they have used I have observed that and know that they would never be seen looking up the truth on you tube so I go along with it they r sheeple and not awake yet

  9. Those are called lighting clouds ( in my country ) those clouds are really high up in the sky they can be as high as 20 km! The sky looks still so light bc those clouds reflect the light of the sun till really late so yeah

  10. Sun simulation satalite, with aluminum chemtrails help the HAARP weather manipulator and disaster creator. Need a huricane or tsunami? Now available 24/7 , 365 days a year. Compound the destructive power with a wind farm, catching the wind to generate power to make it blow harder. Actually HAARP was disclosed in a big tv documentary with Picards' number one from star trek next Gen being the teacher. Then they denied it, but hardly anyone points to this when disasters occur even when there are tell tale patterns in the sky by clouds showing waves of frequency in the sky. How many people get killed by the man made disasters the HAARP is causing, but the media, blames only weather and phony global warming for the weather. If these politicians cared in the least for weather or climate disasters, they would stop the chemtrails and come clean on the HAARP. But how can they, after all the mass killings they are causing trying to hoax some carbon taxes into their offshore accounts. Their hybrid gene spliced armies that they create under ground actually like more polution, sulfur and methane in the air, so they spend crazy amounts of money to constantly coat the world with this chemtrail and spread disease and drug experiments on an unsuspecting population. (morgellans). The truth being so horible they would not believe that a woman could do such a thing. The truth is way worse than most know but the bible gives a good glimpse of the horror show which is coming. There is very good news for those who will come to believe and warnings for those who refuse to know or accept the truth. The dragon and his beast system as well as the mother goddess babylon will be done away with and all their followers. The church that actually believes the bible, will be snatched out of the dragons reach while God deals with Israel, and the false religions that have decieved the people. Many people upon seeing the supernatural 'Day of the Lord' will drop the false arrogance that the devil has taught them, and neither worship the whore nor take the mark of the beast but willingly take the guillotine knowing the truth.

    And I saw thrones, and they sat upon them, and judgement was given unto them: and I saw the souls of them that were beheaded for the witness of Jesus, and for the word of God, and which had not worshiped the beast, neither his image, neither had received his mark upon their foreheads or in their hands, and they lived and reigned with Christ a thousand years.(Revalation 20:04)

  11. Tell you my take on this. My dad back in Greece circa 1948 was woken up by grandma to go to school as he had to walk by foot for 1.5 hours. The trouble was it was 3 o', clock in the morning and the night sky looked light blue as though the sun had already risen. There was no sun to see anywhere but you could see everything like it was daytime. The sun at time of year normally rose at 6 am.

  12. I live in central california. I've tried to take pics but my phone not good with the nite pics but I've seen the sky like this, sometimes it's pink, or pinkish orange. I know it's not city lights bc it's very rural/Sierra mountains, in the direction of the glowing sky. There ain't nothing out there but a few cabins.

  13. I have a good view if sky for miles with no things obscuring it here in england and for about a year the sky in some nights looks like it's 7pm or 5am now people tell me its the glow if city lights but it is not because I live next to a large grassy land were its pitch black so it is happening here on the north west of england

  14. Thankyou for covering this! I've been talking about the illuminated night skies for nearly a year now – I'm met with blank stares, people think I'm overreacting or just plain crazy.
    Only just last night for instance I noticed this again. I work the night shift, I went outside on my break to get some air at about 1am. Half the sky was pitch black but the other half was lit up an orange/yellow colour! This is so very strange and a relatively new phenomena. When I was growing up when it was night, it was night. The sky was dark at night, always. This looks and feels so unnatural, yet people couldn't care less! As Christians we are told to keep looking up skyward to notice changes taking place – this is massive!
    Thanks for your work Richie, this is the only video I've been able to find on the illuminated night sky. It's comforting to know others can see it too , you start to feel like a nut when everyone around you is either in denial or is just to busy living their lives to care.

  15. last night in NH the skies were glowing and it didn't feel right…something felt very very wrong. I can't even remember when my skin felt the sun last. Living under a milky white haze. EVERYONE I speak to is so tired and so run down. All I know is that the more they screw with us the more I know that God is real.


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