Migrants in Tapachula, Mexico are seen pushing through fencing set up by the Mexican national guard during a live segment of War Room, hosted by Human Events Senior Editor Jack Posobiec.

Posobiec was talking to Oscar El Blue Ramirez, a correspondent for Real America’s Voice and reporter for Border Network News. Ramirez was showing how the town in southern Mexico was getting big increases of migrants arriving at the country’s southern border per day. In the background, a live camera was showing how the Mexican National Guard set up fencing to hold back the big groups of migrants. As Ramirez was explaining more of the situation in Tapachula, it is shown how the migrants start to push through the fencing and past the Mexican national guard.

Most of these migrants have the long-term goal of making it to the United States. Most begin their journey in Central America, where they end up in Tapachula, Mexico before making their way up the country to the United States. Most migrants end up in Monterrey, Mexico before being routed by cartels to multiple border towns in Northern Mexico, where they make their illegal entry into the United States.

Sectors of the U.S. southern border such as Yuma and Del Rio have seen massive increases in illegal crossings, with Customs and Border Protections data from the 2022 fiscal year showing 235,230 encounters in the Yuma Sector and 326,177 encounters in the Del Rio sector.

Source: Real America’s Voice News 

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