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SPEAKER SCHEDULE on Healing Journeys Today
Herman & Racquel Hudson — Sundays @ 9am PST
Niki Ochenski Weller — Mondays @ 12pm CST
Julieann Hartman — Tuesdays @ 4pm PST
Nichole Marbach — Wednesdays @ 9am CST
Mike Hoesch — Thursdays @ 9am MST
Jeremiah Klaas — Fridays @ 5pm MST
Deborah McDermott — Saturdays @ 9am PST // 5pm BST

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Andrew Wommack, President and Founder of Andrew Wommack Ministries & Charis Bible College
Andrew brings the simplicity of the Word of God and the revelation of grace into every classroom. Sharing from his decades of study in Scripture, Andrew is able to teach the Word in a powerful and practical way. His classes include A Sure Foundation, Basics of Righteousness, Relationship with God, The Making of a Minister, and more. Students can expect to receive the truth of the Word from someone who has lived out everything he teaches.

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  1. "What was sustaining the life of the disease was the agreement and when the agreement was broken, it couldn't be there anymore… The immediate effect of that was that I was no longer sick in my mind."


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