WHEN is enough going to be enough?? seriously, this video will get demon itized, or pulled and yet this dude is doing the ROUNDS talking about these rich creepy pedophiles rings and nothing happens except the ROLLOUT of thier child rape parties.
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  1. Rich. I was stating the same on twitter the other day. WL is owned by them! Dude would have been merked already!

    As for this shit, Im beyond disgusted. Fucking insane. Thanks again.

  2. Milo is the actual victim in that interview. he got molested. he supposedly consented as a 13-14 yr old boy, which is totally wrong. I agree he is opening a door for pedophilia. But I will give him credit as he WAS a powerful tool against feminism which is a bigger enemy. and now he is done for. don't you see they are just trying to distract you from the real enemy. they expose 1 public figure as a pedophile OMG shocking! you gotta ask yourself what are they trying to distract me from?

  3. Eyes Open and DISGUSTED with you brother… God bless you Richie, and Jesus keep you. Believe in the rapture my friend, read 2 Timothy 4:1-8, …those who love His Glorious Appearing, Rev 3:10-11, He will keep you from the hour, 1Cor15:50-53, Titus 2:13,
    1Th4:16-18, those who are alive and remain WILL BE caught up, i.e.raptured, snatched up, taken out of the way, etc. … call it a Scoobie Doo road trip in, "The case of the missing people", whatever you want to call it, the Truth is, those who have been redeemed, forgiven, and chosen, cannot be here for any of God's judgements. He won't judge us twice, when He says He forgives, He Forgives. I know you repent, and ask Him to forgive you, based on your own words, now believe! Jesus is not leaving you and your wife, and loved ones who believe, or small children you know, here. Praise God! Thank You Jesus!

    love you bro, keep up the great work for Jesus, and give Him all the Glory, Amen!

    your brother in Christ,

  4. I want to say "Wow, things have changed since I was a kid! (70's and 80's)" But the fact is, it was like that then too… Only now they're not hiding anymore. Its a sick and disgusting world. Satan's doing. Pay attention – We are living in the book of Revelation. Who will you serve?! Anyway, thanks for the info Richie. God bless everyone.

  5. I agree RFB, the powers that be have been setting this up for decades, especially Hollywood. Look at Woody Allen marrying his adopted daughter and people think he's a great guy. Hollywood loves him. It's discusting!!

  6. This loser "Milo" comments about having sex with very young boys is just another coming out of this sick satanic cult. They are brainwashing the masses by repeating this crap everywhere and hoping to desensitize us all. This is sick and disgusting!

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