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  1. imo Milos script was writ many years ago. It all fits too perfect into the cards of todays geopolitical landscape. Its as if theres a script in the hands of a handful of the elite; a scriot that no doubt gets tweaked; but the powerpoints remain rather intact. Anyone whos studied all this as much as i have will know exactly whst im referring too and that it is not remotely far reaching

  2. You've pulled this theory from right out of your arse Richie. He's not an advocate for peadofiles lol!!! Also in the UK the legal age is 16 so that's what he means by teenagers. Please research before knocking someone down like this.

  3. Hay folks don't forget that the Majority of Pedo's are in positions of authority ie Teachers, Coaches,Pastors,Police. Any man that takes active intrest in children espesially 1 on 1 needs to be supervised.This is to keep all safe.

  4. I saw some things not long ago that completely shook me to the core. I know for a fact that this pedophilia thing is WAY bigger than most people know. It's absolutely sickening and it needs to stop. People need to acknowledge that this is a huge problem no matter how uncomfortable it is to look at. We cannot fix the problems that plague this world if we can't even acknowledge that they are there in the first place. This is why it is so important to be aware & to spread the truth.

  5. He was definitely a political hit. I saw this coming. He's an intelligent young man, and I watched (quite helplessly) as they exploited him..This was masterfully pulled off and I sincerely pray for him. He is a victim of their sick games. If you look a little deeper into this, I think you would see that. He is still in danger of not just persecution but may be worse…. Glorifying him and losing his suffering and pained soul forever. It's there, I see it in him. God have mercy on him and bring him out of society's clutches.

  6. Watch, his new book publisher will pay him $1,000,000.00. Btw, Republicans are the original PEDOCRIMINALS, cite Johnny Gosch and the Ronald Reagan White House boy prostitute scandal…but it bled over into the Democratic party. The real hypocrisy is that under American legal statutes – people as young as (or younger than) 13! can be married.
    Look it up, it's listed state by state…pederasty was common among the Greeks and Romans. Look what happened to them. Any society that does not protect it's young will fall.

  7. I used to listen to Glenn Beck and he also said they were going to try and legalize pedophilia, that was three plus years ago, why aren't these people arrested is my question they are conspiring to commit a crime, and the worst crime anyone could commit because it is against children.

  8. In my view anyone proposing anything licentious act/pedophilia with a child needs to be charged and in jail until trial, even talking about any pedophilia with a child is a premeditated crime towards a child.

  9. It's disappointing how vulgar, nasty and judgmentalย people are being to each other. I would encourage everyone to watch the full interview between Joe Rogan and Milo. I just watched it (objectively)ย and I did NOT hear Milo promoting pedophilia. I am a Christian, and I don't believe that men should "lay" with other men. That said, we are ALL sinners and we ALL fall short of the glory of God. He (or she) without sin, proceed to cast the first stone. Whether he realizes it or not, Milo was victimized as a teenager. Sexual trauma can really do a lot of damage to the victim's mind, whether it's "hetero" or "homo" sexual trauma… and especially to younger victims. They sometimes even blame themselves and defend the predator. I could tell there were moments during the interview where Milo kind of put his head down and seemed conflicted or reliving trauma and his defenses kept going up. He was thinking out loud and wanted to stop talking about it, but Rogan kept on the topic and asking him questions. I'm sorry, I don't see Milo as some evil predator or a poster boy for the "man-boy-love" movement or whatever. Peace.

  10. Even if he didn't necessarily co-sign pedophilia (although he did) when you're in the public eye like that you can't afford to say shit like that. And Ritchie when you said he thought he softened up the community enough to say the shit he said, you hit the nail on the head. Spot-on. He thought we would have hush up and accept it or get with the program and he found out, some shit simply still does not fly around here. Yes, you can kiss your boyfriend in public, no you cannot fuck the children.

  11. Obviously you haven't actually listened to any of his speeches because he's not advocating pedophilia. He is very much against it as he was a victim himself when he was young, and he speaks out against it everywhere he goes.
    Milo is anti-elite and makes many great points in his lectures. The riots were manufactured by Hillary loving leftists that didn't want Milo talking about how we should have free speech, closed borders, and how Trump is right in doing the refugee ban. Milo is on point.

  12. I don't know this guy not my place to say whether he molests children. As for pedophiles I was raped from the time I was 3 years old until I stopped it at 13. No one gave a cared, no one came to my rescue. Not the courts or family members. This is a problem, and I am glad to stand up for children and protect them in anyway I can. If he is not a child molester say and be done with it. The truth is coming out whether you like it or not. Jesus and our Lord is bringing it all out. Come out of the darkness and repent… Otherwise you will end up in hell. That is what keeps me going, you sick F-ers who think it is ok to molest children you will get yours. I will pray for your soul…

  13. I don't agree with alot of what this guy says but, there are two interviews, they took what they wanted to and spun it.. RFB, you fell for the fake news.. great job.. you're a fucking joke, hey what happened with Anthony Patch?? Yeah, I wonder??

  14. Richie he never advocated pedophilia this is a political hit piece, and you saying him being a Republican gay guy doesn't make sense to you shows how small your mind is ,and he was talking about himself being gay at 17 and dating a 29yo again not advocating for pedophilia do some research dude


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