Jordan Peterson: The Hero Myth –

Jordan Peterson: Introduction to the (Jungian) Idea of God –

Jordan Peterson: The Hero’s Journey in Carl Jung’s Psychoanalysis

Every Story is the Same (video on the Hero’s Journey in film/story-telling)

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  1. We are made in the image of God as such near perfect and placed his temple in our body words can't say what it means to us and we should not put any altering things like toxins or technologies sold to us as life changing what I'm trying to say is only God can give and take true life.

  2. After reading his first best seller I told my roommate he'd be in a rehab within a year! I know Nazi posers when I see them. All the adults in my childhood were Nazi's. What I couldn't see was his meteoric rise. I'm still surprised at the public's gullibility (itching ears, heaping "teachers" telling folks what they want to hear) and willful stupidity. I almost didn't crawl out of that depression for being "right". The road to HELL is paved with potholes disguised as good intentions!

    Excellent video!!

  3. Jungian Psychoanalysis and "philosophy" if you will, meshes perfectly with Gods design for his beloved creation; Humans. Carl Jung AND Peterson are basically dissecting Gods work, and trying to put labels on them… symbols etc. I do believe God PUT the Arch-typical ground work in our consciousness to ground us, center us, and align us to his being. With out the Arch-typical "ROM" consciousness implants, Humans would be no better than an animal. God knew exactly what he was doing…. The "shadow" – Animus/Anima are just human descriptions of Gods incredible handy work. Don't write off Peterson, or Jung for that matter, JP knows there is a transcendental element to consciousness… GOD if you will. The Hero Myth plays fully into Gods Plan…. ITs a raw path God sets before you… to find HIM!

  4. This film has to be one of the best i have ever seen period. I never seen Mr. Peterson and his teachings this way. As for the architect of this channel, you sir are a very intelligent individual and your God given wisdom is second to none, very good work sir. Keep moving forward God bless you.

  5. Almost 100,000 subscribers! So glad for you Will, and for and truth being spread through you! God bless you brother. I’ve had your youtube channel on my Facebook page for a while so people could see the light, my favorite channel!

  6. Every time I watch the part where he is standing up giving that speech. He is moving around trying to envelope the characteristics of the beautiful mind movie. As if this is spose to give weight to his intellect and for those that sleep can't see how this would burrow into them on a subconscious level. The world is a stage when it comes to those who speak about things that takes people away from God and his words and teachings.

  7. Thanx, Truth. This message and also the two most recent you've done, one with the logos rising, and the other one about fantasy realms and how Jewish mysticism is the same as all other spiritualism going back to Babylonian practice; Oh, it has really helped me to share the Gospel with those around me who have been giving themselves to these practices. Brother your hard work has given knowledge to other leaders, true overseers of the faith, and they are being encouraged and strengthened to preach the gospel on their level to those who are in opposition against them. Brother I am very grateful that you are letting God use you as you continue to process everything that you're learning. (Your perseverance through suffering) God has been so gracious and so merciful through this ministry for the truth, and I just tell you that the True Church has become stronger even today. Because of the Holy Spirit and His Truth through you we are now stronger to go and preach the Full Gospel, to Preach the Full Gospel of love!


  8. I honestly believe that Jordan Peterson is slowly setting up the stage for the anti-Christ foretold in revelations. Don't get me wrong I was really hooked on his teachings and was an early proponent of them, however , after coming to Christ, I've come to realization that it is all philosophies of man, that deem themselves wise but leads to destruction. careful a little leaven leavens the whole lump.

  9. The thing I find so frustrating about what passes for "knowledge" these days is that you have guys, like Peterson and others, who acknowledge that Jesus was a great man, an exalted master, whatever, yet COMPLETELY IGNORE His teachings and His claims! Talk about cognitive dissonance. Peterson, you're not a great thinker, you're a braying jackass. Meanwhile, you have a profound spiritual hunger among the populace so great that people are dusting off the ancient pagan gods, the ancient mystery school ideas and moldy occult practices (the same nonsense that eradicated every ancient culture) in a desperate search for meaning. If Jesus was so great as you say, THEN MAYBE YOU SHOULD LISTEN TO WHAT HE SAID!!! He doesn't nest inside your stupid occult fairy tales. He is different. He stands alone. His teachings cannot be ignored, unless you've had your brains scooped out in some Ivy League lobotomy factory.

  10. "My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge; because you have rejected knowledge, I reject you from being a priest to me. And since you have forgotten the law of your God, I also will forget your children."

  11. After watching this video I've come to the understanding that JP teaches gnosticism. His psychological significance of the bible can be applied in the correct context of a believer because truly the bible has a psychological significance as well as other benefits to those who believe in our Messiah Yeshua. But as stated in the video, this is not at the core of JP's belief's and teachings. The Heavenly Father by His Spirit has revealed to me about gnosticism and every single symbol they teach has a very specific meaning and should not have a psychological significance in your life. Basically, you'll be giving demons and entities a psychological significance in your life. Yeshua is the bread of life and the only example we need to follow. Without Him there's no psychological significance. His life, death on the cross and resurrection are definitely not stories. They were neither a result of evolution from animals. Seek Yeshua and your life will have both psychological significance and meaning.

  12. Your a smart chap sir but you’re splitting hairs here. Peterson may draw on Jung, the hero and shadow for the.brilliant segues for which he’s well known. Your main criticism seems to be rooted in a rather literal view of the Bible as a historical document. If you’ve accepted that premise wholeheartedly then obviously the windows are colored, perhaps to a fault.

  13. Mr.Peterson does not like to be asked if he believes in God, complaining to an interviewer that the question is intended to “box him in”, but 12 Rules for Life is saturated with borrowed Christian theology. "For the wisdom of this world is foolishness with God. For it is written, He taketh the wise in their own craftiness." 1 Corinthians 3 19 KJV. God does a sense of humor.

  14. Christ crucified and the message of the cross is foolishness to them who are perishing BECAUSE it does not support this hero myth that is ingrained in the foolish mind of the world and it’s worldly wise worldlings.

    “What! The death of a man is my salvation?” they lament.

  15. Five stars! Thumbs up! Great video! Finally had the opportunity to listen to the whole video.. I knew there was something off pudding with petersons whole psychological breakdown of eschatological, esoteric occultism. . There's just enough truth to make the lie look believable. Unfortunately he left the truth of Gods word back in child hood.

  16. Peterson was pushed on us by the elites. he is a creature of the establishment. fun fact… he worked for the UN for a number of years. We already where given 10 rules for life.


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