In Episode No. 41 of Miss Understood, we discuss former Full House star Candace Cameron Bure giving up her reign as the ‘Queen of Christmas’.

It’s bigoted to stay true to your faith in 2022, so Bure’s decision to leave Hallmark Channel to create content with a production company that aligns with her Christian values has, naturally, sparked outrage among progressive celebrities and LGBT activists.

We unpack this situation and revel at the fact that someone in Hollywood, of all places, is standing up for Christianity more than many pastors these days.

We then lend our expertise about the FTX empire crumbling recently and offer some wisdom to people who plan to invest in the crypto world. Our advice? Don’t blindly trust nerds — especially if they post NSFW content on Tumblr about orgies and polyamory, OK?

Plus, it looks like we were right about something!

Do you remember in Episode No. 34 of Miss Understood, where we addressed the slippery slope of Canada’s Medical Assistance In Dying (MAID) legislation? Well, it turns out that Canada’s MAID laws are becoming even more liberal, blurring the lines of ethics like it’s nobody’s business!

Clearly, the government cares about our health since they’re willing to offer MAID to people with depression and anxiety, right? Or, perhaps it’s the net reduction in health-care costs that are inspiring doctors to approve this wildly controversial procedure.

We discuss this grim topic while trying our best to remain positive about the future.

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