Laurel Austin made headlines with NBC News recently being accused of feeding her two autistic sons bleach. The article seemed to have a bias slant ignoring some key facts that Israeli News Live thought should be considered in fair reporting. Tonight Laurel Austin goes on record speaking out on what really is going on.



  1. Yeah I was in a mental hospital lauriete I they say they cleaned him up but I don't know whenever I was in there all they did was prescribing medications wasn't taking us off of any medication just piling pill on top of pill so yeah that's not a good idea from what I can remember all of those teenagers was going through a literal hell I stood up for some of them they kept putting me in the quiet room and giving me shots of Haldol I'm glad I survived it praise God I did

  2. I was born in 85 and they've done the same thing to me even whenever I was in a mental hospital I threw the pills back at them and said I wasn't taking them no more didn't like the way it made me feel

  3. Yeah because the father only gets to bond with a child after the birth the mother used to bond with a child while being pregnant with the child truly amazing it's a beautiful thing it really is

  4. How very sad for Laurel and her children. Her husband should be dipped in honey and thrown into an ant pile. How sick is he? Too sick to be in the news. Although it would be great for her to sue him and win, I pray that she does! I will add Laurel and her family to my prayers!

  5. I have two grown autistic sons and my ex wanted my boys in homes when they were 18…No way! They are talkative to a degree. So I have been their dominant care giver for their entire lives! It is sad how my husband neglects my oldest autistic son but no one ever will call him out for his issues…they will condemn the mom!! This Mom is incredible! I'd like to know about this treatment! I like the hydrogen peroxide treatment, I use that on myself but not on them.

  6. I am sorry your being attacked, especially bc the govt created your children's Health issues, with Dirty Vaccinations😈 This is All so Unthinkable, but True, "it is Purposeful!" NY Law is NOW- MANDATORY Vacs for ALL Students, No Excuses! They're Going AFTER HOME-Schoolers with Rediculous LIMITATIONS/Regulations to KILL EDU! "Evil wants Us SICK, Dumb & SILENT, PERIOD! " My Niece & her Family R scrambling to MOVE B4 the New School Yr. 1st day of Summer Camp in NY, & the State Authorities showed up to check every child's Vaccs Records, & KICKED Out the Children who hadn't had Vaccs! It's called: "Agenda 21, 30 & 50 GENOCIDE" or Revelation!.. There's Nowhere to go, Only One Answer: #SEEKGOD! PRAISE Jesus, "SOON ALL Our Sorrows & Pain will be in the Past, & we will All Be FREE!. Pray we have Trust & Faith in the LORD, which will sustain Us, He Comes SOON👏 #⏰⏰😈 #GodSaysLetMyPplGo!

  7. The medical community doesn't care about cures for saving lives. Doctors get paid when people get sick. And if someone comes along claiming they found a cure or a way to effectively treat an ailment deemed incurable, doctors, the medical community, and big pharma will work to silence them.

  8. some of my research (a Little) on MMS is that it cures malaria in third world countries, hearing great things about MMS it is helping a lot of people.  Multitudes of people are having great problem with parasites/candida/ heavy metals here in the USA.. Sprays and poison GMO food, junk foods.  Can't even call it food any more.  They are still using round up-a poison and they think they are going to force people to vaccinate….I think not!  People are so sick of it! and Doctors do not have a clue.  The medical field are killing people.  People are curing themselves of cancer by themselves and putting thousands of Dr. out of business and the drug companies by the thousand every day.  Much success and blessings! Million and million of the medical people hurting and harming our children.  God Bless you and your children!

  9. Pls, Steven & Janna, pls, pls try to understand: it is MMS hated and over the top HATED and no amount of money spared to stop it-hundreds even I know (parents on fb using it, GONE, accused, confronted, hounded, u know the drill, I know u do…here u r acting all surprised! What happened u ask? NO, no, how much money was given and to whom (once they discovered Laurel here!).. Thousands of us use mms, we KNOW for certainty it is fine -NEVER, EVER call it bleach, that is what the enemy is trying to do, it is MIXED, TOTALLY CHANGED from the tiny drop to a gas, it kills all bad bacteria but touches none of the good, for the GAS produced has low oxygen level, genesis 2 church was started to try to fit it into scraments, the work on it is TERRIFIC and Lauren is in the middle of it – u r trying to figure out peripherals, why Brad wld harrass her etc.Some people have been paid here – reporter, friends, ex-husband, who knows….taking child to hopsital (to protect mother) seems very strange to me, what 'friend' suggested that? It is important but let's make every effort to step on enemy toes, at the least, but not give them any ammo…can u understand, thousands, maybe millions depend on this, & there is no limit to what the enemy will spend to stop it!! Daniel has spent many years in jail already, total and absolute persecution, a truly disgusting tale-my favourite word these LAST DAYS….heartbreaking wherever u look!

  10. Steve this isnt the first time NBC has done something like this. NBC also posted an article showing a picture of a doctor holding a baby that supposedly died from, I cant remember it is was the measles, and the article was pushing the importance of vaccination. Well it turns out that the photo was actually a stock photo from a place like shutterstock and it was doctored using a photoshop to make the baby look like it had the measles and died from it, so this does not surprise me. Laurel should restart the protocol. She isn't harming her sons, its perfectly safe, she is their legal guardian who has the authority to make those decisions on their care, who cares what others think or say. They are her children and the father obviously wants practically nothing to do with his children and gave up his guardianship over them. It has been proven that the protocol is safe so if I were her I would continue the protocol and completely ignore all those voices pressuring her to stop. My oldest son is also autistic so I know what she is going through.


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