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  1. So how do you overcome that , when I was attacked in my church,and grabbed by the hair and punching me in the face throwing me into the concrete wall and telling me she ought to kill me in church, she was on drugs and I didn't even know her , how do I forgive that , I'm trying, it's deeply scared me with PTSD and it reminds me of when Jesus said you've made this place a den of thieves, I now do church with Lakewood on my phone, thank you for this, God bless you all lots of love from and blessings from Australia 💕🙏

  2. That's so beautiful, and amazing thank you Lakewood for this amazing , Bible study on line , thank you for being my church family, l just see such a peaceful, beautiful heart in pastor Joel and Victoria, blessings to all of you had Lakewood church I appreciate you all so much God bless you all have a great week with Jesus love and prayers and blessings from Australia 💕

  3. Love you all Lakewood family !!💖😊if we re Gods people we need to be doing the right things even when its hard! God will make a way when we see no way🙏😊💜JUST STAY DOING GOOD THINGS! NO MATTER WHAT! GOD IS SO FAITHFUL TO US ALL!! GOD LOVES US ALL AND WHANTS NOTHING BUT GOOD THINGS FOR ONE ANOTHER! I LOVE THIS TEACHING!💜🙏💖💜🙏💖WHAT A POWERFUL WORD! LOVE PATIENS KINDNESS JOY SELF-CONTROL . 🙏😊💖🙌GOD BLESS YOU ALL!🙏🙏

  4. Beautiful bible study. It is so important to always do the right thing under any given circumstances. I love it, so well explained and encouraging. Thank you pastor Erik and pastor Jeremy,. You're awesome.😊🤗💕💕💕

  5. That was mind blowing, actually. Ive always been taught we have no power and have to let God do everything. It completely soured me on God for many years. Thank you for this.

  6. Salvation is real the only thing Christ sacrificed on the cross was his body it was so you would understand you're here to defeat death and be the glory of God not steal the glory salvation is real living thing you don't follow Christ to death after he sacrificed his body for you could have yours that's that bless

  7. Joel reminds us to just zip it. Kindness is so easy yet so difficult. The pressure of life bear down on us, and anger is far to easy to reach for instead of calm deliberation and level reasoning. Far too often we allow others to rob us of our peace and our mouths open with caustic snipes. Then the cycle of frustration and bitterness drifts in to our calm, wrecking it.

  8. Every time I tried to fo it on my own, push God to the back burner, go into fight or flight mode, I end up emotionally, physically and financially flat on my face, smashed into the proverbial ground. Now, I stand back, deep breath and ask God for strength, courage and guidance to persevere thru my problems no matter big or small.


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