In today’s #MondayWord, Ryan equips you with three ways to know if you had a prophetic dream! We dream often and these dreams can come from the enemy, from our human mind, or from God. There are 3 way to know if you have received a dream from God. The dream will have a sense of urgency, the dream will stand out, and visually, it will appear as if it is in high definition. God is getting ready to speak to you in your dreams about 2021! As God is speaking to you in your dreams, may you discern it, may you properly interpret it, and may you partner with what He said!

Thank you for listening to the Monday Word!

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  1. I had a prophetic dream last night I believe.

    I don’t know what your beliefs are, but something about this dream was so vivid and real. I don’t know where I was at, but I had walked into a large building. I was calm, enjoying my day. I go into this office and there is an older woman freaking out with bags full of money. I was confused. She said she withdrew all of her money from her bank account so she wouldn’t lose it. There were bills stuffed in all these bags and she was gathering them up to take with her. I was still confused at this point. I went back into the hallway, but it was more of a large entryway. It was huge. People running around everywhere yelling it was the end. We were all going to die and Jesus was coming. I don’t recognize this place at all. I’m still calm at this point and looking around because it was so surreal. People were panicking and yelling and running. I could feel something in the air. I am by myself amongst all these strangers. I can’t really remember what everyone was doing other than panicking. I want to say they were grabbing their belongings. I stepped outside and it was just this beautiful courtyard. The sun was so bright and the sky blue. Everything stood still. I remember feeling anxious at first that I would die and I was sad. But then I thought, okay, if this is happening then it is God’s will. I just stood on the sidewalk surrounded by gorgeous bright green grass and looked towards the street. My final thought was that I needed to find Phil so I could tell him what was happening and see him again before we left the Earth. I have never had a dream like that before but I woke up and felt like it was sign or a premonition. Maybe it’s true, or maybe I have watched too many Tik Toks lately.

  2. I had a dream I was in times square and the place was crowded with people…only I saw two giant men holding hands and dancing in full view of everyone, but the people didn't notice at first…then when they did there was sudden chaos. I ran into a hotel with two other Christians. Quickly the time went by to a point where America was in ruins and I had to search this hotel for food in the fridges but only found a couple of sandwiches. I met a young girl who was scared and still in her towel after getting a shower and a giant was prowling around outside but I knew I was hidden by the blood of Christ…
    Then I found myself in a wasteland area further out trying to teach someone to fly but they were caught by a gang of men and kidnapped…
    Then I found myself back in the UK in ruins searching for food. This dream sticks with me. The giants represent two super powers in cahoots. They made a deal and there was peace briefly until the deception was lifted and then the people panicked and ran…

  3. Yes AMEN!!! Dicernment plays a huge role in every believers life…Journal it right away otherwise the day and disctractions can steal it from your memory… lots of symbolism and numbers, colors that you relate to…Its the Glory of God to conceal the matter, but the heart of a king to search it out….


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