Well traveling through the Midwest I couldn’t help but notice the corpses of farms on the road side no matter what road with no matter what town all the farms are gone



  1. Its happening now!just like a trickeiing faucet,little by little taking our rights,fucking with our water,food,and slowly taking our food suppliers,this is getting pretty fukd up and no one notices it,really? Rfb warns us every day,is he perfect? Hell no,but thats what i want! Not these theres nothing to see here folks! Wtf? Pulling the carpet out from under our feet and most people are just sleeple,i dont get it,its right under our noses,i dont know why i dont think this bs is normal? Yet 95% do,hmm? The only thing i think is ive used cannibus for 35 years,mabey its the tree of knowledge,or mabey the metals in the air and floride in the water,ect,stick to the resins left behind or mabey jesus christ chose me and very few others,like rfb,to put the truth out to the few that can listen,instead of judge and fear?it does say exactly 365 times in the bible not to fear,theres a reason for that!dont fear!rfb is right that many mans hearts will fail in the end from fear,so sad,rfb im with you brother,till the end,and believed in the lord and the second comming for the almost 51 years ive been on this rock,i hope you hit me back at some point,your channel is the only one ive found any credibility in n im just an asshole on a broke ass cellphone!im not perfect,but god thinks i am,and you are and a very select few are, the rest are grazing in the field,time to wake up people,jesus is real,and loves us all but gives us the choices to graze or be awake,god bless you my brother in all you do,and by the way,im broken and broke for seven years,but im blessed,so?( Im still in) in and allways will be!god bless

  2. I drove through Oklahoma today and was horrified at what I saw. Ghost towns, hidden military operations, dried out earth from fracking, and so many different towers in all these teeny once thriving towns. It had been 5 years since I last took this trip. Omg. I really don't even know where to start. NM(White Sands) and several other areas were also hollowed out. Wtf is going on?


  4. The corporate gmo seeds are resistant to the bacteria from the pink snow. Even your lawn can get a mold from a conductive bacteria via the pink snow. It must be in the rain too? What is it doing to us.

  5. Thanks Richie. Such important info for people. The food is technically not food anymore, by definition. Food is supposed to be nourishing, not poisonous like it is now.


  7. As long as we keep willingly spending our money on corp goods, food and paying our taxes and ridiculous surcharges etc….this will continue until it doesn't. if you know what I mean. We must withhold our $ at the very least. Stop feeding the beast that is dead-set on our demise….smh. So simple, yet so few willing to suffer the inconvenience of such acts. they would rather condemn themselves and their children. I am quickly losing faith that humanity has what it takes to rise above this situation. I had always held onto the hopes that instinct and self-preservation would kick in at some point. We are so far gone now that I seriously am doubting that is the case.

  8. I subbed u because I liked your NASA video that I found the other day but Dis shit is cra cra dude! You talking crazy shit! I'm unsubbing & now people sayin you a took someone's money. I don't know about that but this channel is dumb and crazy as fuck.

  9. predatory capitalism creates moster corporations that put everyone out of work and then wonder why no one can afford their products, so they pay people less and less to make them. this is a lose lose situation for people on the buying and the making ends. at this rate corporations will own all water, soil, air, and eventually the sunlight. the antichrist is the corporations/ banks that together own governments, pharma, media, entertainment gobbling up everything in their path in the name of profit with no concern for humanity or the planet.

  10. very sobering. we are doubling the size of our garden this year and I'm mad at myself that I didn't plant fruit trees sooner. just wait till we find out there won't be food coming out of California after this Storm Lucifer out there. Prices on what IS available will skyrocket. pretty much like what's going on in Europe right now.
    Safe travels you guys and Pippa girl!

  11. Looks like people should be growing gardens in their own backyards then everyone will still have some food to eat. No meat of course but that stuff is so full of hormones it probably isn't good for you. You could probably keep a few rabbits/chickens to if you grow your own lettuce, carrots and corn.

  12. HE'S 100% RIGHT! If only people knew how bad the industry is favored & set up for massive farm corporations. Small growers are set up to fail. Trust me, I'm trying to live thru it right now!

  13. YOUR RIGHT RICHIE,the government is taking over and its going to be the worse bloodbath in history,THOSE PEOPLE NEVER STOP TILL THEY QUIT BREATHING,and thats coming,everyone has got to WAKE UP,theres a WAR coming and the police gangs have already alined themselves with the chinese and russian military…THE FEMA DEATH CAMPS ARE NO JOKE.,the days coming everyones doors will be kicked in,and they see their family murdered by their HERO'S,and their blood brothers, the chinese military……

  14. look up the speech…."all wars are bankers wars," the guy does a good job of explaining things….and he gets into our debt…and how other countries end up owning the USA..
    also, saudi Arabia owns one third of ALL the businesses in merica….sad.

  15. look up the speech…."all wars are bankers wars," the guy does a good job of explaining things….and he gets into our debt…and how other countries end up owning the USA..
    also, saudi Arabia owns one third of ALL the businesses in merica….sad.

  16. When not if, they shut down the country within three days people will be looking for food.  Many will give themselves over to the government and who knows what will become of them.  Some will foolishly go to the big box stores which will be traps.  I pray for our country, I pray for our new President, his administration and family and I pray for the American people.  God said "If my people will repent and turn back to me I will heal their land".   God makes kings and removes kings.  God controls ALL things.  How do I know this?  God has answered my cries for help and I have been bless with two miracles in one month.  If only God's children would repent and turn back to Him.  Sigh.

  17. You do know that the state of Colorado owners all the water in Colorado you can't drill a well with out there permission and you have to get approved by the state and pay to receive a permit or face prosecution check it out Richie very sad just ANOUTHER way to control us .

  18. Why don't u spread the word of Christ, make videos to bring people to Christ instead of doom and gloom, all around us is immaterial what's important is accepting Christ and looking forward to his return, what's happening now can't be stopped is part of the narrative reach out to non believers Richie! U could reach so many!

  19. I have criss-crossed the country, I see the same thing. We must learn how to farm again and learn animal husbandry. Most people don't even know what that is anymore. Stay safe Richie. Lu ~

  20. The gov actually pays farmers not to farm. 1% of farmers farm gmo corn soy mostly used for fuel & cotton. Ppl must like being the bitches for the Billionaires Boys Club using religion to kill each other in God's name. Satan has done his job.

  21. I just can't put my finger on it but something is red flagging you for me. Something is off. Sorry dude but I see what I see. Just not sure what that is yet.. It will come to me.

  22. I could agree more Richie! I went to Colorado last year and allll i wanted to do was yike a mountain i was there for almost a month and couldn't find one mountain that wasnt fenced off or not owned by the goverment!!! truley saddened me.

  23. You stopping by Montys. I have not heard a vid from him so im going to see if they unsubbed me again. Cheers there are involved in scaring off small farmers through there Satanic Military Cults. RICHIE check out John Harwoods stuff on small town satanic covens operating with military supplies and assistance. You will be blown away

  24. why talk about others for letting all this happen because if you're generation weren't such a bunch of pussies and didn't all turn into a bunch of YouTube groupies this wouldn't have happened and now I understand why it's your generations children who turned into a bunch of welfare animals with your generation to look up too.God bless everybody.

  25. It belongs to the "Crown", not the Queen. There is a HUGE difference between the two. The Queen is a honorary member of the "Crown" but she is not the Crown itself. Now, once you figure out who owns and controls the Crown, THEN you really got something. All roads still lead to Rome. Nothing has changed.


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