This is soooooo far beyond the pale, they are replacing everything that is in our food with straight chemicals, and the results are showing, americans are being dumbed down so much they dont even care they are eating poison.
RFB magnetic food
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  1. The FDA is bought and sold everyday, they sold out a long time ago, it's all lies, don't trust any labeling because the Food and drug administration lie through there teeth for a profit! There nothing more than food Nazi's working for public enemy number one, the Elite! The scum bag child molesters and child murderers of the world, THE ELITE, the Rothchild's the DuPont's, the Bilderbergs's, the Bushes and so on, look up the thirteen families that run the world and you'll know who these elitist scum bags that are killing are children really are! They own all the banks and all the major corporations in the world!

  2. It's time to shut Monsanto down for good, we the people have the power to put a stop to these satanic infiltrater we must at all cost shut this evil empire down! They are poisoning our children!

  3. Good job, Ritchie–U tellem! It's up to US to learn about the environmental toxins and then ACTIVELY AVOID them! We also need to be shaping the market by being assertive.

    SO, folks=>YOU all tell WallyMart or retailers you don't want their chem or gen-poisoned foods; they will clue in the manufacturers (Kelloggs, etc..). *Do this with your wallet, by demanding GMO labels, and/or not buying chem, artificial additive, preservative, hormones, & filler-laden food*. Use political action, like petitions and letters to editors, grocery chain CEOs, and 'food' manufacturers. Make it known online and in person, that you don't want/need soy and other hormone mimetics in your food. It's part of the 'trans' agendas…

    Stop buying, &/or Don't eat/drink:
    a) 'food-like' GMO products in stores, and junk food from restaurants. (surprise! it's in almost everything) look up a list of GMO products and foods online/on YT
    b) anything with soy (unless fermented), or corn or byproducts (almost everything)
    c) anything with added sugars, or any HFCS -containing junk, especially sodas and sweetened drinks,unless it's cane (&/or organic); if it doesn't say so, it's GMO, and that's BAD. (surprise! almost everything) Step right up and grab some diabetes!
    d) Don't use herbicides, pesticides or suicides…

    a) Get foods packed in glass.
    b) Start making more of your own food, especially staples like bread. (SO easy!–look up no-knead bread). Skip TV or game and make a healthy meal. You DO have time.
    c) Filter all water you consume. Avoid tap water (chlorine, fluorides, & hormones = toxic)
    d) eat fresh, organic fruits & veggies or with little/no processing (raw > cooked)
    d) Use biodegradable, natural cleaners. Avoid plastics and unnatural fibers & materials

    So many ways to lighten the load I can't even begin to list. The key is to ACT as much as possible. Really watch food labels, and spurn most ingredients known 2B toxic. Good brands or products may not be in your local supermarket. However, both Wally and Zony have free or fast & free (or reduced cost) delivery with a reasonable min. order–so do it. One cannot avoid it all, but one can reduce the toxic load, and then a body's natural resiliency can start to heal & repair. All one need do is think, learn and ACT. Even someone who eats a big box of D-@$$ for breakfast can doit.

  4. But they arrest you to keep you safe from chemicals like marijuana and cocaine, etc and turn around and feed even worse to you for your safety. The healthiest people in jail are the ones with money on their books so they can buy a nice healthy 5.00 honey bun that cost the jail 10 cents. American people(even your own family members) love it when the government does to you the things that if you did you would be facing 20- life. And people think Nazi Germany won't happen here, especially with the Nazi's from Paperclip? BURN WORLD BURN. Little girls are now bigots because they don't want a grown man penis in their face. Abortion is funny. War is funny. I hate this world and you wicked fools that love others pain and misery will soon get your dose of misery.

  5. Yes I've noticed it's getting harder every year to find seeds that haven't been chemically treated or changed in one way or another and the older seeds just can't be found unless you save your own from year to year after harvest…Thanks for keeping it real RFB….

  6. I used to work for Dow Agro Sciences as a greenhouse worker., you had to wear full hazmat suit to spray Glyphosate… They merged with Pioneer, then DuPont.. Pure Evil.. they call plants transgenic, not GMO… good vid.

  7. Since Satan and his demons love this place so much isn't it that what they are doing is to benefit their kind? They feed on our souls, and maybe turning this place into hell is what they are striving for. Heavy metals and toxic waste are substances of the underworld. Instead of "as above so below" is really as below so above. They live in their underworld bunkers, and after they are done creating their wasteland they will emerge into their dung to wallow in their #%&^. They are dung beetles.

  8. give them healthy food and will say the government it's trying to kill them, but keep McDonald's open 24/7 and we are the conspiracy theorists… when someone is lazy , even f you offer them a million dollars you won't move their asses from the couch.

  9. Dude! My hand to The Creator, I have wondering if glyphosate is the cause of all of the gut problems we all have now. Everyone is either bloated and feeling like crap, or they are taking probiotics.
    Been SERIOUSLY thinking about it for the past week. And now, through the Body of Christ, I know. Good article. Thanks for the solid research!

  10. great vid as always and i agree with you majority of the time i would say to watch your 6 ritchie though,your hitting these pricks hard with this information,there secrets and bullshit,anyway people exposing them illumnati nwo whatever they are tend to end up dead,so be safe ritchie

  11. Ritchie, Not to mention what is happening to all the trees. The Trees Are The Lungs Of The Earth. Between the toxic spraying, that makes it a laborious task for any breathing being done by humans, animals, etc and the saturation of these chemicals into the water table, along with the Consistent Abusive Elf and Emf, (Cell and GWEN Tower) frequencies, interfering with the normal facilitation of nutrients being brought up through the tree, from the earth. Now they are implementing 5G Technology, which is (The Exact Same Frequency as the Pain Transmitters, invented by DARPA, through Raytheon). It is nothing less than a crowd control Weapon. Now the public schools are being paid, "Bribed" to allow installation of the 5G antennae right inside the classroom. Is this for easier saturation of the dangerous waves into the brains and bodies of our children, "Our Future Generation?". These waves can literally Sterilize and render useless the sperm and eggs of what could have been future generations.
    Make No Mistake, Monsanto Corporation is The Ultimate Drug Pusher of Toxic, Deadly Chemicals and we need to …………..
    Make The Individual People Involved In The Elimination of The Human Population, Responsible For Their Actions. That being said, "The Chem trail Project is NASA's baby". Though they try to keep this fact hidden, it is documented. Ask yourself what NASA has to show for the 10 billion yearly funds they once got for their project, to what is now in the trillions of dollars? Green Screen, Photo shopping, Paint and Foil is not that pricey.

  12. all the chemtrails are casuing a greenhouse effect so it suits for the fallen demons to roam here. they are setting up their habitat and causing greenhouse and blaming us for it calling it global warming

  13. The fillings that the dentist use, are aluminum based, and the fluoride that they are poisoning us with combine with the aluminum, making it able to cross the blood brain barrier, and it's more toxic than then the old material they used for fillings. I love Jesus, and I always pray over my food before I eat it, and ask for protection. Come quickly Lord Jesus.

  14. It's not just food Richie! All Pharmaceutical prescriptions, OTC's, are loaded with GMO's and a plethora of heavy metals and God only knows what other toxic crap! The Sky is Literally Really Falling! Thanks again for the update! Keep keeping us informed!


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