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  1. Hello… My apologies for the delay in getting anything on YT for a while. Please find my newest video, "For all the babies born on the moon" here: https://www.bitchute.com/video/vx7N7HU0m3ip/

    For some yet-undetermined reason I have been unable to upload this to Odysee yet… Not sure what the problem is there.

    But if you haven't seen the most recent video I put up exclusively on Odysee, it can be found here: https://odysee.com/@thetruthisstrangerthanfiction:3/the-bones-inside-the-dream:2

    My love and thanks to everyone who has supported this work over the years, and thank you for your patience as I try to navigate the exodus from Them-Tube…

  2. Very profound! Almighty God is on the throne and our High Priest Christ Jesus at his right hand🙌. God is in full control! It’s decision time – get busy living (in Christ) or get busy dying (for man gone psycho)

  3. Danger Will Robinson. Yeah, them-tube is all about free speech these days…Them took down my channel without a warning, twice in two mnths. So theres no point in posting here

  4. I felt the same when God opened my eyes to all of this going on. What really was weird was cern, gothard tunnel , ect. But I don’t fear man. I suffer in the body honestly everyday due to acute back pain. Just finished the book of Job again. What really stood out to me was Job saying After my skin has been destroyed yet I will see God in the flesh. Amen amen!! Thank you Will. I have followed you for a very long time. God bless you and give you his Peace in every circumstance.

  5. Your dream cannot be more relevant today. Thanks and stay strong bro. Also I miss your videos, they are masterpiece. I want you to know it’s much appreciated, the visuals and sound not to mention the content. God Bless You

  6. Missed you immensely hope you are well. Glad you are back. Just a tip though I wish to leave you. When giving very important information please allow us to be able to hear it. Thank you kindly!

  7. Romans 12 was a beautiful way to end it if no other words will ever be mentioned, abhor that which is evil and cleave to that which is good. In the 90s living in Africa Kenya I used to see 'Chem clouds' and before the 911 there was the Kenya Nairobi 98 bombing and the TZ bombing and after living in the USA for a decade and discovering the 'cospiracy groups' the flat earth and social engineering perspective from the Dayz of Noah, Corbett Report, John pegler and the many others you realize woah, I am having a mental breakdown. I returned to Kenya in Jan 17 2020 already been put to Jail for not wearing a musk, a mob at one of the open airmarketplace ganged on me but I am at peace I know this has to happen evil carrying up to term.

  8. Sheeple need to take back their GOD-given sense of motion,sight and common sense(spirit)…this realm was not created from a big bang and we did not evolve from a fukn monkey…time to wakey wakey

  9. Great video. Sad to see half the commenters never appeared to make it over to the whole video. 🤷‍♀️

    I had similar experiences with fear, was very alone when finding all these things. Finding the Denver Airport was a very bad time for me too. Im not afraid now, but like someone else said…there’s not much to enjoy here when you see what’s coming. Trying not to remain too attached to this place. Take care and thank you.

  10. Good to hear from you Will, I had been thinking about you. A good video as per norm. It seems many of us have been through a similar journey and similar timing, interesting.
    The dream, very intriguing. I went through a stage where I was having vivid dreams and my interpretation of them turned out to be a tad right but also wrong, amazingly wrong in some aspects but as these things actually happened it became obvious the dream was about them afterwards. Funny thing dreams and I am glad I didn't know. Part of that dream was about loosing my good friend to suicide. The emotions were the same but the imagery was so different. The abandonment I felt from those in the dream when I needed them at that time was exactly the same. Long story. Interesting dreams…

  11. When I was saved by God's Grace through the blood of the Lamb Yeshua, I remember feeling about a year later that something was coming, something big. I felt a shift in the world. I first realized this when I asked God to show me the truth. I didn't know exactly what I was about to learn, hear and see all that I know about the past, present, and future things that have happened, is happening now and what will happen in the nearest future in these last days. I tried to show family, friends, and others but they do not see it or just do not want to see it. Sometimes I feel so alone. I also like you fell into drugs, alcohol, and anything else so I wouldn't feel like I was trapped in fear. Now I am fighting for my life to keep running the race. I still am fighting but have a lot to let go of in my life and surrender it to God our only Father. Please brothers and sisters pray for me, that I fully surrender so I can walk in faith and overcome what is keeping me captive in chains. Thank you and God Bless you all in the name of our Lord, Savoir, and King Yeshua, Amen. I love your channel and I am blessed by the work that God has given you to show and tell.✝🙏🏻💯


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